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  1. Funny how my post about yall being negative nasty people just got skipped over with no comments...stepped on some toes I see lol. Shut it down...shut the bitch down. Blatin, Kishi, Ralphie all agree with me
  2. Plain and simple...yall drove everyone away. All the ones who left including myself still communicate on other social media outlets on a regular. People on this board have made this place horrible with negativity amongst Janet or each other, favoritism, bullying, immaturity etc. I personally peek in here and there to see if there's any news I may have missed somewhere else. But I never speak because really everyone who I got along with in the first place who didn't give negative energy I still speak to all the time.
  3. She's not gonna be there...they taped the billboards Friday night. She was not there
  4. If you go to Gil's IG page he posted pics of a lot of the old dancers like Tish, Kelly, and Jossie...there are others. One caption says " She def was surprised tonight. Happy Birthday Boo"
  5. and here we go with the shoulda coulda woulda's
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