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  1. DasSad added a post in a topic If you were Janet for a day....   

    yeah. It has that live sound to it and Bruno has a big band 
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  2. DasSad added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Well the girls boyfriend posted his phone number up and hers on Facebook. He said she is lying and has diabetes and mental issues 
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  3. DasSad added a post in a topic If you were Janet for a day....   

    He pretty much uses the Minneapolis sound so the music would be on point and I think whatever they came up with would be a hit.   
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  4. DasSad added a post in a topic If you were Janet for a day....   

    Wear the catsuit from Would You Mind all day
    Look at my ass in the mirror
    Fire Gil 
    sign talented young artist to my record label
    take a bath in $100 bills 
    open a dance studio
    do a one night only live performance on netflix
    get in the studio with Bruno Mars
    Give John Singleton the rights to do my biopic 
    Throw a big ass party and invite every dancer I have ever took the stage with 
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  5. DasSad added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    Did it already come on?   No one cares by the way.  They look stupid.  If anything it just got Janet more love from the public.  
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  6. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    She is not the best of all times but in this situation she is a better battle rapper.  And she is shit in the circles she has chosen to run with.  She chose to stay with her people and her block the same as Mos Def and Tribe Called Quest.  They dont seek all that glittery shit that Nicki does.  Nicki would not have a career without Kim and her fans can say what ever they want about Kim but its the truth.  That is what is so sad about her lyrics right now is you started with mixtape now you are just spitting straight pop trash that you aren't even writing yourself.  Party Next Door wrote the songs regret in my tears outed her ass.  And you can tell he wrote it because her flow and harmony are his.  
    Right she is DOA as a hip hop artist right now.  You notice how the only people bopping to her song are pop stars like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.  You haven't heard a peep from anyone male or female in hip hop that is supporting her.  And she is a whiny bitch.  Everyone is trying to bring her down blah blah.  Bitch if you are the true queen of rap you should know that comes with the territory.  None of the pioneers before her cried when shots were fired at them.  They battled. By themselves
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  7. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    They were disappointed but the phone calls were brutal   
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  8. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Yeah its really bad.  You can tell she had to wait for both of them to find time to write her response but to put them on the song too was wack. She's posting her chart status like that is what wins rap battles.  The fact that she is from Queens New York makes it worse for her because they are not taking her seriously as a hip hop artist right now.  She will have to survive making pop music for her barbz.   They think its cute that Nicki is in Paris and doing all these photo shoots but they dont understand that's not what Remy is about anyway.  She is a real one not interested in rubbing elbows with the elite. 
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  9. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Right texting radio DJs mad cause they calling her out. Nicki is showing out for her pop fans right now. That's where she makes her money now but no one is going to take her seriously if she tries to clap at anyone outside of the pop genre.  New York is done with her as an MC. Her neighborhood is embarrassed.  
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  10. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    What weak rhymes? No past female rapper has weaker lyrics than what's out now. Those women actually rapped about real issues. Not their asses or money. No one can match the flow or lyrical content of Monie Love, Yo Yo, MC lyte, Ms melody or queen latifah. Monie Love's last verse on ladies first is one of the greatest of all times.  
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  11. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Her whole career is a lil Kim tribute. She should say thank you Kim every morning she wakes. 
    when the the battle era die? What music have you been listening too. Even these trash trap rappers still go at each other. Have you listened to j Cole new stuff or Kendricks. They still take shots at each other and other rappers 
    on the Gucci track after Remy said she had no issue with Nicki on the radio. She too thecwirds from Remy's interview and twisted them into to be the queen you gotta sake records you gotta get plaques. 

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  12. DasSad added a post in a topic Bunny Debarge Shuts Down Janet's Secret Baby Lies   

    it's possible considering she was on the up swing as far as her career. We've seen so many times how young girls in this industry are forced to terminate in order to keep a certain image. Plus he was a drug addict. Not very healthy sperm there. It's her business though
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  13. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    Baby and cash money molded her that way and she let them. they seem to forget nicki was the one who took a shot at Remy the same way she took a shot at Kim. Remy didn't just wake up and say let me go battle this bitch.  
    Im trying to find out how you're the only female rapper in your category but you still can't pick up at least one Grammy.  What queen has zero Grammys even with their politics 
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  14. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    right they don't understand hip hop. They are speaking from a pop artists perspective. Someone mentioned Kim releasing her diss on PayPal like it was a gutter move.  Nas released Ether by handing it to a club DJ then it went to hot 97. Jay Z did takeover the same way. Drake released back to back on sound cloud.  You rarely hear a diss track being released like a song you're trying to sell because it's always been done grassroots style.   Nicki is the queen of sales, Instagram, &  retweets. She is not a rap queen. Her Burrough in queens is embarrassed that she hasn't clapped back.  Nicki is literally the first artist claiming to be a rapper that has been bodied and stayed quiet. But she sons bitches  ok 
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  15. DasSad added a post in a topic Queen Minaj vs. Remy Nah   

    they can put up all the stats they want but she got bodied and by a bitch fresh out of jail but she's the queen. I know she saw Taraji shade her ass but again silence from Nicki. She only claps back at Miley and Taylor. Meek is below drake but drake understands the rules of hip hop. You can't let ANYONE run over you
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