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  1. DasSad added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    They never gave a reason for IHeart. They never gave advance notice that she would not be there. Ryan Seacrest was still on the air promoting that she would be there. You had people say well the back of the ticket says performers subject to change but it was just odd that they built that concert around her and she was a no show. She pulled out of all her Vegas shows due to vocal chord issues.  that whole Vegas thing was bizarre. Maybe because it is sin city and not a place to inshallah 
    All around this has been handled poorly. No sorry for the inconvenience or anything from her camp. 
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  2. DasSad added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    That use to be what black artists had to do in the past especially black women who were blacklisted in America. Eartha Kitt took her talents to Europe after she was blacklisted for dragging President Johnson and his wife in their face at the White House. Europe received her with open arms.  So yeah she would have ruled over there. 
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  3. DasSad added a post in a topic Live Nation Sued Over Unbreakable tour   

    I'm surprised it's just one person. Stub Hub is expensive as hell. I know a lot of people bought tickets from there because the choices on Ticketmaster were so bad. Even during presale the seat selections were terrible. I'm not sure if she's allowed to cancel but that should have been done so that people could get their money back.  
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  4. DasSad added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

    Lol that happened to me so many times and the people asking me were fans of her music. The BET awards are in June not sure if she can snap back that quick but that would be a great opportunity to get some shine.  Then have them tour dates scroll in that screen after she's done performing.  You have all these female artist out here doing her shit. She needs to remind them who gave them birth. 
    But Again unfortunately creatively she's stuck. 
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  5. DasSad added a post in a topic 🚨 Gil confirms NEW Janet tracks! 🚨   

     It would break the internet.  That's a good start if they are restarting the tour. Fresh material. 
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  6. DasSad added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    I wonder if there is a way that people who purchased the CD and received the presale  code can someone use that code or show proof of it to get special access to purchase tickets first. Not that presale where ticket scalpers and American Express card holders etc all buy at the same time but just that group that with the code. There was a rumor floating that people who held on to their tickets would get something special but that does not seem fair.  Everyone is not able to just let money sit like that on hold. 
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  7. DasSad added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Unfortunately there is no one that can give that structure from the past. You really don't have to have a super expensive show for it to be epic if you have someone with a creative mind and ideas. If this new tour is really going to be called state of the world I would like to see her involve someone who is connected to the movement. I'm not sure how you can create themes, wardrobe or choreography if you are not connected. Right now you have a person who doesn't know why people were upset about an actress playing Nina Simone in black face was an issue. Not connected 
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  8. DasSad added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    Janet is the entertainer so it is different from what he did. This is her world. He's the guy that doesn't do social media blah blah blah. Besides her photos in the park were blurry. His photos looked like he was doing a professional photo shoot. I think if Janet were planning that park visit for promo she would have showed up slaying not looking like she just rolled out of bed. 
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  9. DasSad added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    buying into what the separation? I don't think she's getting a lot of sympathy if that was the plan. I do think they split and what she has next is a tour maybe and new music so that means she's going to have to hit the media circuits like old times and do interviews. The split will come up in these interviews and the narrative that she is setting now will flow right into those questions. She can say yes I'm a single but Wissam and I are still committed to being great parents for Eissa (cut to photos of both in the park) 
    and that baby was not here for it.  You could see it on his face when Wissam held him in the air. 
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  10. DasSad added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    If she were going to do something for attention and press she could have done that with baby pics alone. Why go through all this with a fake split that made her husband  look like a controlling Muslim and her a "gold digger" by some. People live in that neighborhood all they had to do was put 2 and 2 together to see that there was a split. I think she has a new team that said to her get ahead of this story and you can tell the narrative yourself not these tabloids. 
    I think these photos are far less cynical than the tour cancellations which I still feel there was more to it than this family planning thing and vocal chord issues. 
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  11. DasSad added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    His charges being cleared have nothing to do with his HOF status his play does and his profession is sports entertainment. It is no different than going to a concert.  The all American perception of him was erased and he became just another negro who could shoot a ball but after her involvement White folks were at his feet. It's the way she handled his case that made people turn on the female who was a victim then turned into a whore after finding she had 2 different semens in her panties. 
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  12. DasSad added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    Janet would be the easiest job she's had. 
    he's considered a HOF basketball player because she got him through his shit. Kobe was still Shaq's sidekick at that time a wanna be MJ he was no hall of famer. And the parallels are the same because they both entertain and depend on consumers to buy what they are selling. The team Kobe had around him was weak. She got rid of them. 
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  13. DasSad added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    She is not a fictitious character and Kobe did lose fans he was booed everywhere he went and his jerseys were burned. He's  not the only person she's gotten back on track. Her name is Judy Smith and she is great at what she does which is fixing things 
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  14. DasSad added a post in a topic Ticketmaster leaks "State of the World Tour"?? Janet's coming back?   

    they seemed to be over it in Europe. She needs to hire Olivia Pope. She did the impossible with Kobe Bryant after his rape case. He lost all his endorsements and fans and she gotbhm twice as many endorsements and his fan base back 
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  15. DasSad added a post in a topic First pic of Eissa   

    so you don't think the all female dance squad, those hot ass outfits she wore or not smiling had nothing to do with him or his influence?  You think all these media outlets including ET whom she has a deal with is making all this stuff up about her not being able to be herself with him. 
    There was a quote from Janet in vibe mag I believe during 20 YO where she is asked if she strips for her man and she says she does if that's what he wants and you have to give the man what he wants to keep him happy.  That's her thinking. 
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