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  1. I agree completely, it feels just as off when I hear people call her a pop artist as it does it she's reffered to as a R&B artist, her music carries across the genre's, and not even in a "album track" way she has a deal of success in multiple genres. To the topic I agree that classic rock isnt even rock anymore, that said I'd adore it if she ended up Tina Turner-ing her image & sound & that whole genre. Do I think she will, no. But do I have/hold any expectations, no, Unbreakable taught that.
  2. I roll my eyes through and semi-mock songs that she whispers through that I think she could've done a much better vocal delivery on (most of 20 Y.O. and all of Discipline) I fuck up the lyrics way more than I should on some songs....yet on others Im just like Janet when she was teaching the dancers the if lyrics "no not ALL, it's OH, OHH the things"
  3. DM me if anyone wants them, in the name of creating the space to encourage (FREE) trading I deleted all the links from my initial posts (can't control replies tho).
  4. I love she cleared things up, not expecting a new album anytime soon (at but that's what's best about no expectations, and if she playin & drops something that's great, but eh again, her lips, Unbreakable), but she recorded a new song with Jam & Lewis, tight! I like what she said about Prince, seems accurate, Toya spoke about Prince trying really hard to get with her, but that was when she was prone to lying but Janet confirmed! But I love her experiences in the city and her getting candid about her time there.
  5. Tottally To the question at hand, it all looks incredibly different in person, but at the same time too as someone who's taken video of both, it really doesn't translate as well on phone video. no matter how close or how far. This is why I think releasing professional footage is better, professional cameras can capture it all better and we haven't had that in forever. I think the choreography in general was much more intense & intricate for Metamorphosis, however I think HER dancing was a bit harder and edgier for SOTW, like Angie put, you could legitimate feel for Meta that "she's here!...and she's HAPPY!" in a way that wasn't in SOTW, that did have more aggression from her. Again, beautifully put
  6. That was simply incredible, I'm still trying to find more words, I'm shook, it exceeded my expectations. The execution looks great on video and in person it's just so brilliant on every level. She's brilliant....thats just....it
  7. just so you know.......my absence is me trying to recover....I haven't even gone yet (July 27th) but just.....I'm blown away by what I've seen...and I haven't seen everything, that's just my rule, I will take peaks at things, but I wont watch a full show (or play all audio) that I plan to see, when it comes to this woman and her pulling out album tracks that I didn't think I'd ever see her perform (at all or again).
  8. said nobody ever..... Based on the 1st quote, the feelings mutual, what we had was cute, but now it's on mute...
  9. God: janet. Rhythm Nation, The Velvet Rope Great: Unbreakable, Control Mid: All For You, Damita Jo, 20YO Low: Janet Jackson, Dream Street Shit: Discipline
  10. I was born in 90, I only remember bits and pieces of her before 1998 and before my fan baptism in 01 (the Icon tribute did it), but it was within that time I did the reachbacks and studying. Shit I wish I was there for it all to be new, but instead I gage it all from studying. I owe janetmedia and the Janet.videos bus & the All For You censored version with the DVD. for the Janet.-AFY videos & the Design Of A Decade vhs for the pre-youtube studying. I gag at all the stuff I stressed,scrimped, & saved for that simply YouTube & Spotify made obsolete lol. Eh but I'd do it all again, it was all worth it........Dream Street cost $30 for years...crazy.
  11. janet. The album is eclectic and perfection to me, it's my favorite crop of dancers she's ever had and the only era where I know everyone's name off the top of my head, Tina as a choreographer, the janet. tour, her best movie came out in this era, she had tons of interviews & specials & award show appearances in this era. She owned the world in a way she hasn't before or since that era. And to top it all off her personality that era was the most live, wild and fun than it's ever been publically. Everything about that era flowed with each other & complimented each other in the best ways. Her personality was like it was based on the movie and the dancers and it all inspired the music and the dancing, and the tour. I became a fan during the AFY era, but the janet. era is the prime reason she's my #1.
  12. Yea now that I look this 1 in particular has been sold out for 2yrs (according to some). And yea the people that take this cruise be loyal as hell and get they tix in advance, they don't play with Tom Joyner. I think she just popped in for 1 of the stops, like I don't know where it left from but following the dancers, they flew to Miami to do that performance, then they all left, I was thinking too if they were going to straight up stay on the boat and do like show a day for the duration of the cruise, but that's what the other acts are doing.
  13. The tickets were already sold out when they announced her, in fact for this 1 in particular it's been sold out for a year I think.
  14. Nah, it's your perception, in reality it's literally too many legs and too many major names attached for that to be a possibility the way you're suggesting/wanting it to be They get people talking, especially tributes. Not to mention Chris Darden being attached to his trial damn near guarantees headlines all along the trial.
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