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  1. Oh he wont go out gracefully. There is more embarrassment and idiocy to come. And the fact that after everything he has said and done in 4 years 70 million people still voted for him they aren't going away. Those people said yeah I'm ok with some racism and incompetence, I will have 4 more years of that please. He will likely issue out some pardons, sell some state secrets to get some of that debt he has coming due written off
  2. Don't know why I thought of this thread today. But, it shows how 4 years ago a little microcosm of us talking about how crazy it was to be living in a time where people actually voted for that Orange clown. Fast forward to today where we officially evicted him. A lot of us have moved on, the boards a lot quieter but here we are finally. Hope everyone whos still around is thriving and being safe in the pandemic .
  3. I did a massive purge a couple years ago. I had the jewel cases in nice stands but it didn't make sense anymore. Dusting them and keeping it all clean and just taking up space in the digital age. I tossed them all. I still have a few cds in the binder things that don't take up any space but the only player I own still is in my car, or my computer.
  4. Stars rave about Rihanna's 'iconic' Savage X Fenty show experience
  5. That's super cute way to have her show go out. I hope she does well.
  6. I'm still mad that it is only an EP! She got credit for the hottest performance of the night at the VMAs. She has good momentum going and good will for a major comeback album. She shoulda went for it
  7. 100% agree. For the moment in time the hype and position shes in now she needed to do nothing less than dominate the night and take complete advantage of this moment. It was good but I don't feel like it was the iconic performance she needed it to be to break out once and for all.
  8. Just going through some of the performances on YouTube it seems they really upped the stage production value? But, I am noticing a significant amount of lip syncing. And some people that needed lip syncing, Shawn Mendes was struggling on some of them notes in Senorita
  9. Yeah that was completely unnecessary. It wasn't even funny or cheesy bad acting. Still releasing during Slayer Swifts week is questionable.
  10. Its really good. I like Anna Torv and Jonathan Groff. The acting is great. They do such a good job with the serial killer interviews. I was watching side by side of the acting vs the actual killer interviews from news footage. It's creepy how close they are even makeup etc. Some of the black serial killers I hadn't even known about really
  11. Whew just finished Handmaids tale. The last episode was pretty good. But, they literally cannot have more than 1 more season. To go any longer they have to dramatically broaden the scope of the show. Invasion of Gilead by the rest of the world or something. Its the only way they can possibly scrape more than 1 more season without being redundant. The acting is great, the direction, cinematography etc. But they are pushing it with straining believability with lucky escapes and huge coincidences for storytelling. I'm ready for Mindhunter season 2 and Elite Season 2
  12. I'm way behind I have them ready to binge I think I stopped on episode 5 this season and its up to 13 now. Hope there was more hot Deran sex scenes
  13. Serena is fucking crazy. I hope she never gets to see the baby again. Bitch is nuts
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