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  1. Girls Make Beats Remix! I'd get it just for that remix. Damn! It's kind of hilarious how they admitted to screwing up the release, and when I sent them an email saying why is there no vinyl nor anything they replied with some meme and ridiculed the issue. Now that the reissued albums have proven to be successful they're rushing in to make some cash lmao. I truly hope Janet changes labels again.
  2. I'm glad the admin did the right thing. Game had been banned from every other damn forum ages back for destroying any proper conversation and bashing differing opinions, resulting in a bullying and hate. This forum is nowhere near as bad as some others, especially the one Janet's team lurks. I've left all forums but this. It was enough for me to be called an idiot and straight up bashed for making a petition to reissue Janet's albums on vinyl, which was long overdue. 99% of the feedback I received was negative and I got ridiculed. Now those same people are ordering every single reissued album and spending their money on something I started. I didn't have Jimmy, Cinq nor anyone else behind me for that matter. Quite the opposite. Jimmy never gave a damn about reissuing anything, his email reply made that much clear when I asked him to share my petition. Now he is retweeting every single positive article on how well the reissues have done in the UK. Like whatever. How did I make it happen? I knew who to direct my petition towards. Not Janet's team, especially not Jimmy and Def not Gil. Knowing Gil, he would've probably bashed the fuck outta me for even trying. I directed it at UMG that owns the rights to her music and who've done her best of releases so far. I knew they'd see an opportunity to cash in, so I went for it. A few blogs and papers mentioned the petition and here we are. I'll never get cred for making it happen, and I'm fine with that. In fact I can't even afford buying one of the vinyls myself. But it did happen and knowing that is enough for me. She made headlines by charting in the UK again due to reissues, and all the hate and "she would never do that/there is no market" bullshit has been proven invalid. People like Game are toxic to this community. But sadly, her own team is a part of this kind of elitism and supports it. After Made for Now, some PR people of Janet's team contacted selected fans to hear their feedback on what they'd like to see Janet release and do. Selected group of fans. When I found out, I created a thread asking everyone's opinions and mentioned they actually don't even want to hear from all of us, just a few elite fans. That's insane and incredibly disrespectful. And YEAH I will get down voted for speaking the truth, as always. But it's still the truth.
  3. Again, Janet was doing really well outside the US and nobody cared about her boob but Americans. JALW received more airplay than AFY. You could not miss it. Every station played once an hour, at least. Once it was deemed a flop in the states the bandwagon effect happened and radio didn't play much of the other singles, tho All Nite was a minor dance hit in Europe as well. The media might've had a field day on her situation but she was making a shitload of money at that point. As Janet herself said, it was the music. Jimmy said he thinks she should've not been making new music when she had nothing new going on in her life. Members here calling naysayers delusional are calling Janet delusional.... I personally like a few songs on the album, but my own opinion has nothing to do with this. DJ did much better than expected, especially overseas. 20 YO is when it truly was the music to blame.
  4. I don't think this applies to Europe at all tbh. Fans tend to forget she is a global superstar and Got till it's gone received heavy rotation on MTV UK and did well on the charts.
  5. Hell no. The amount of nitpicking and arguing is on another level.
  6. It was a minor hit in Europe. All nite got played a lot as did Just a Lil While. Probably the most radio play she has ever received. But overall the theme was a mess and it just didn't connect with her audience globally.
  7. Well it made her widely known globally and she was highly respected in the EU after that album. And TA is her biggest selling single of all time so I wouldn't call it a flop. Got till its gone sold like 10k in the UK. That's huge.
  8. Oh the real fan card. lmao. Nevermind then.
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