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  1. AFY tour version always bothered me. There was a complete disconnect in the presentation. I get the whole Asian theme but it juss kinda fell flat
  2. BEST performance of "If" was TVR show Which "If" performance you think was the weakest???? Lets discuss
  3. Y'all wanna say Mariah is doin it cus she likes the spotlight is only half true. Mariah is an incredible business woman who has learned the tools that are NECESSARY to not only stay making money but also to (at very least) stay thriving during a young sea of newbies/ culture. She gets it. Janet gets it but doesnt care as much. Mariah juss seems to take a lil more interest in her overall legacy than Janet. Janet has a misguided perception about her name in the new age. Kids hear that Janet is a legend but they dont know why. I seen a video the other day where it was sum kids reacting to her vid
  4. Everybody saying the Whitney album is POP .... Isn't RN considered a "pop" album too? Why are we putting it under the R&B umbrella ONLY?
  5. Hold on. YES, we know the media can be manipulating and project a skewed agenda to fit a certain narrative. Thats COMMON KNOWLEDGE, however....Trump only uses the "FAKE NEWS" phrase to deflect and draw attention away from his reckless actions and shady dealings that have been DOCUMENTED. So yeah, its only "fake news" when ppl find out his dirt. So he is hardly the person to be trying to stick up for with your "whether you like Trump or not" speech. Its a ploy for him. Nothing else...so please Stop before you get too far ahead. This is Trump we're speaking about. You dont reside in Americ
  6. I know that we hold TVR in such high regard but what we're not gonna do is act like out of all of Janet's catalog that "Unbreakable" (lyrically) isnt the closest to compete. Its easy to say "no competition" based on the fact that we're way more familiar w/ TVR ....it had damn a 20 year head start to marinate in our musical palate. Therefore from an objective stand point (and from a fair one thats not skewed by familiarity and/or a defining moment for that specific point in time for Janet) I would say if they had released back to back...it would be a tight run. So I'm not gonna give TVR a lands
  7. But it wouldnt have made sense to even take that chance if janet had so much scrutiny around her. U keep making this about only America having an issue w/ SB but its still was RISKY since she was pretty much blackballed. U have to remember America is the BIGGEST market when it comes to the music industry..so yeah..if the biggest market wasnt fukin wit janet...overseas was not gonna take a chance on her. And lets be real Damita Jo was the decline of her career Joe...lets not act like she murdered..that was her first flop becus the public EVENTUALLY turned on her..juss cus janet had a big crowd
  8. Joe, u have got to think about it from a business stand point. Whether to them if the sb was a big deal or not.. has nothing to do with the business moves you make. No one seen Janet as profitable since her career was falling apart...so no one is gonna invest in you if they dont see a benefit for themselves. Sponsors are not gonna support a tour they think will fail becus her career was on thin ice at that point,. Its about business and not personal in that industry. And its understandable
  9. Overseas sponsors wasnt gonna risk dealing with janet. On a global scale doin business with janet was juss not smart for anyone. NO ONE was gonna touch her. You dont remember the story of them being in DamitaJo tour rehearsals and and janet had to come and break the news to the dancers that there wont be tour and everybody broke down? Gil had pretty much told the story and he was the one saying janet couldnt get the support.
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