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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8KSTQp6iR/ Uhm Hi Janet from the damita jo body
  2. the song he produced on ariana's new album IS SOOOOO JANET. Love Language is my favourite
  3. just my belief and I know its an unpopular opinion, but there are many things that were done under Trump's administration that were in alignment with end time scriptures. Wake up all.
  4. Woah. I just need something on netflix tbh to watch
  5. wow. IDK why i'm envisioning her to do a react by pussycat dolls type comeback
  6. how did it sound if you could remember?
  7. she always comes through with a new image/era queen of reinvention
  8. Can I just say her worldwide chart positions RIVALED rhythm nation and control singles. Especially in UK
  9. Now had the superbowl thing didnt happen, I think DJ would've ranked as one of her best and successful records and be a favorite among the fans.
  10. "Video Introduction" (contains elements from "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)", "Nasty", "Rock with U", "Every Time", "Rhythm Nation", and "Scream") "BURNITUP!" (contains elements of "Lose Control") "Nasty" (contains elements of "I Don't Fuck with You") "Feedback" "Miss You Much" / "Alright" / "You Want This" "Control" / "What Have You Done for Me Lately" / "The Pleasure Principle" "2 B Loved"("Escapade") "When I Think of You" / "All for You" "All Nite (Don't Stop)" "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" "After You Fall"
  11. Unbreakable album deserved a tour full of its tracks
  12. For me The Velvet Rope vs. Unbreakable You vs. BURNITUP! Got Til It’s Gone vs Dammn Baby My Need vs. the Great Forever Go Deep vs. Shoulda Known Better Free Xone vs. After You Fall Together Again vs Broken Hearts Heal Empty vs. Night What About vs No Sleeep Everytime vs Dreammaker Tonight’s the Night vs 2 B Loved I Get Lonely vs Take Me Away Rope Burn vs Lessons Learned Anything vs Black Eagle Special vs Well Travelled Cant Be Stopped vs Gon B Alright
  13. She was sannngging on Unbreakable and Well Travelled. I love her voice moreso now. Its much more rich and powerful. THE HARMONIES
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