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  1. Same I'm in the Caribbean so she has never come here. Youtube is the only way I know saw these shows. Setlist/Song Selection: Metamorphosis Choreography: SOTW overall although I Get Lonely, China Love breakdown and the new breakdown for The Knowledge on Metamorphosis overpowered SOTW at times. Memorable Intro: The Knowledge(she didnt perform it up to SOTW for 27 years) Legacy: SOTW, her presence was overpowering when she first hit the stage after being pregnant on the Lafyette Louisanna date. Dancers: I rather the SOTW Costumes/Outfits: SOTW although the number o
  2. BTW Just for reference look at these costumes for SOTW2 and Metamophosis SOTW2 Metamorphosis
  3. What would you say is her better recent show? State Of The World Tour(Leg 2)(SOTW2) Or Metamorphosis. They both run for about 100 mins(1 hr and 40 mins) although Metamorphosis very slightly longer and they both show the variety of performance art capabilities that Janet has both mastered and work to her strength. Doing an intimate show and a full scale production. They both showcase how giving and how much of a listening ear she has for her fans when it comes to our request of keeping or updating old choreography and even deep cuts no other pop legends her stature would dare do which
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8KSTQp6iR/ Uhm Hi Janet from the damita jo body
  5. the song he produced on ariana's new album IS SOOOOO JANET. Love Language is my favourite
  6. just my belief and I know its an unpopular opinion, but there are many things that were done under Trump's administration that were in alignment with end time scriptures. Wake up all.
  7. Woah. I just need something on netflix tbh to watch
  8. wow. IDK why i'm envisioning her to do a react by pussycat dolls type comeback
  9. how did it sound if you could remember?
  10. she always comes through with a new image/era queen of reinvention
  11. Can I just say her worldwide chart positions RIVALED rhythm nation and control singles. Especially in UK
  12. Now had the superbowl thing didnt happen, I think DJ would've ranked as one of her best and successful records and be a favorite among the fans.
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