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  2. This was exactly what I thought Sotw3 could've been https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155469?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155470&current_page=0 https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155470?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155469&current_page=0 https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155471?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155470&current_page=0 https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155472?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155471&current_page=0
  3. Her 2018 BBMAs prototypes are amazing as well but I think she choose the best one Although this could've been on tour https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155749?uact=3&aid=378&lid=155746&current_page=258 MADE FOR NOW SCREAMED THIS OR THE DJ MEDLEY ON THE META SHOW https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155748?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155747&current_page=0
  4. Her team's mood boards are sick. THEY ARE CREATIVES https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155761?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155764&current_page=0
  5. Yall it is a crime of the costumes Janet had to choose from. JANET HAD AMAZING CHOICES FOR THIS SHOW. https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155765?uact=5&aid=378&lid=155763&current_page=0 https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155774?uact=3&aid=378&lid=155765&current_page=263 look at THESEEE this BITCH WOULD'VE LITERALY BE STEPPING ON OUR NECKS https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/378/lot/155769?uact=2&aid=378&lid=155761&current_page=264
  6. I just went on one of the auction's videos on youtube and the guy Janet been working with this auction said that she initially was going to do it last year for her bday. Since the album and tour was coming up, I think this is also building anticipation for her new album.
  7. I remember the original treatment for Love will Never do Without You included Janet in a wedding dress. This probably would've been the actual dress in the video. BTW some of these are WAYYYYYYYYYYY too cheap to be sold from an artist of a caliber such as Janet Jackson IMO.
  8. Let the amateur high school performing arts student reign people don't judge
  9. ACT 1 (Costume 1) new black diamond intro Pledge (interlude) "Rhythm Nation"(contains elements of The Knowledge, Dangerous and EMA Breakdown) “Diamonds(contains of Diamonds by Normani)/”Dammn Baby” new song(a song like BURNITUP/The Velvet Rope/Come on Get Up(a song that introduces the album) new song(a song like All Nite or So Excited or Dammn Baby)(SINGLE) Act 2 (Half ass Costume Change) 2 minute interlude Short film "Ruff" Interlude "I Get Lonely" “Together Again Dee
  10. is she wearing a boot and a heel
  11. she is gonna have that REVENGE BODYYYYYYYYY
  12. This bitch really came for Janet Courtesy @https://www.instagram.com/loyal2janet/?hl=en
  13. These outfits just reminds me so much of the look Janet was going for the promo for the new album before lockdown. And taking into considering she did a shoot with her abs showing and did a SOTW2 with her thighs showing. I think this would be approved. Anything here tbh If she came out in these we'd die like for Made For Now or If This for Alright' for like a someone to call my lover song
  14. Well personally I always liked to conceptualize shows and tell a storyline. Here at home I do that in school with plays and concerts and stuff
  15. yall i was bored and did yet again another black diamond tour setlist since they are kinda fun. As I stated earlier, Janet seems to not like quick quick head to toe changes as she ages more so than performing itself which is I see is why she did four7 min interludes on number ones tour and one four min interlude on unbreakable tour/state of the world tour which is why I made the setlist like this. I used the Metamorphosis template for this BEFORE ALBUM DROPS ON TOUR 1HR AND 45 MIN SHOW ACT 1 BLACK DIAMOND INTRO(This Time/Intro) new song("Empty"/"Trus
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