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  1. smh will we ever let this go .....
  2. still cant get over pussy cat meow meow meow
  3. Idrag4mj

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    not random most r and b compilations were reduced to 4.99
  4. Idrag4mj

    Lots of Janet music on last night's Scandal

    Didnt know where to post this https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/ozarks/2018/02/14/copyright-giant-sues-springfields-galloway-station-playing-songs-janet-jackson-others/319427002/
  5. But on another not , The love for Janet on that day was unprecedented The number of verified accounts from all walks of life that shared stories about janets music and influence was astonishing. I wish someone cateloged them . I just really hope someone around Janet read those tweets to her. Hope she really known that she is loved not just in the states but Worldwide. - Its important for Our Legends and Icons to know whilst they are still alive with us how much we love and appreciate them. p.s i think we should trend another JANET APPRECIATION DAY on her birthday , it will help detach our appreciation for her from the superbowl stigma
  6. Idrag4mj

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    this is just amazing . hope janet is seeing all this love
  7. Idrag4mj


    amazing stuff
  8. Idrag4mj


    Always doing the most ......................
  9. love how wild this place is
  10. Idrag4mj

    Janet on Empire??

    only thing janet is going to be on is wissam . Stop getting your hopes up
  11. You know something quite interesting , I decided to just give up on commenting of Janets career decsions after the europde dates were cancelled and fans were always being attacked for "disagreeing" with her approach this ERA. . They were told to shut and be grateful for an ERA no one thought we would even get in the first place. What i aways found amusing though is that fans that lived in the states mostly were always harshest at fans in Europe for being mad at janet for the lack of promotion . What they didnt get is that I , like most fans that were following ticket sales in the tour section of janet.club could see that the tour dates were going to be cancelled . It really wasnt rocket science , I really have no idea what she and her team were thinking , They probably over estimated her her demand , or mistook her for michael jackson . Her music has barely been played on international airwaves since ALL FOR YOU and to some extent Call on Me . On top of that Janet is rarely in the public eye . She is black and over 45 in a very racist and ageist industry . Her return one of the biggest music markets in the world to tour was commerated was by LYIIN IN BED TAKING SELFIE VIDEOS . When ticket sales were colder than antartica . No appearance on any show, no performance , NOTHING ! As if Live nation was going ti let her perform in half empty arenas. Laughable indeed . While we are at it , can we ADMIT , how Nobody outside the fanbase thought BURN IT UP was a hot song . I mean I tried but KITY CATT MEOW MEOW not so cute on a song by two very mature women
  12. Idrag4mj

    The Janet Jackson Charts Thread