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  1. Not gonna lie, it’s a bit surprising. I guess there was never any official confirmation that she would be, for the most part it was speculation, but I would have thought given their history she’d be involved. Maybe, as the article in the link says, there were recording sessions but they didn’t amount to much. Or they’re holding them back for a Volume 2 perhaps? Tracklist (which also appears on iTunes so it’s more or less legit) and article at link below. https://retropopmagazine.com/toni-braxton-jam-lewis-album-mariah-carey-mary-j-blige-babyface/
  2. She finally got to! *cue Would You Mind outro*
  3. I think at this rate if we do see it get a release (and that’s a pretty big if - no pun intended) it will be something to do with the impending 30th anniversary of the Janet album. Given that the albums that preceded it didn’t get deluxe edition anniversary reissues I can’t imagine Janet will either, but she might release the tour separately in a digital format, much like the Rhythm Nation singles were released digitally to mark the anniversary of that album. But if it doesn’t happen in 2023 I can’t see it happening at all.
  4. US Target Exclusive. Pre orders already sold out so I guess it’s a ‘wait and see’ as to what happens after that. Only 12 tracks though so whether it’s worth it or not is up to you. https://www.target.com/p/janet-jackson-number-ones-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-81661742
  5. I loved this one. I was saying to someone a few weeks ago actually that I wish she’d recorded it for her 2012 covers album.
  6. Hopefully it’ll reignite interest in the original, or at the very least expose it to younger people who might not have heard the original.
  7. Unfortunately it’s a cover. A duet. A duet between a former Australian Idol runner up and a former Australia’s Got Talent cover. I’ll just leave this here... It is what it is.
  8. Question. Does anyone know who the interviewer is? I’ve been wondering ever since I first got the single and listened to this as an audio track only. She says “You know, being an actor!” which made me wonder if it was someone relatively well known. I’ve only just discovered the video clip today and was hoping he might have been shown in a quick cutaway, but evidently not. I’ve tried looking on Wiki and Discogs hoping there might be some information in the credits as there was nothing on the single itself, but have come up with nothing, so I was hoping someone here might know. It’s be
  9. The Rhythm Nation album was a strange beast here in Australia. The chart peaks for the singles were all over the place: Miss You Much - 12 Rhythm Nation - 56 Escapade - 25 Come Back To Me - 79 Black Cat - 6 Love Will Never Do - 14 State of the World - 94 Alright didn’t chart here until it was released as a single in the Design of a Decade era, and even then only peaked at 100. For ages I thought it was perhaps not released as a single here back in 1990 - I certainly don’t remember it getting the attention that any of the other singles received -
  10. Yeah I was on Janet Xone back in 2001-2004 or thereabouts but I don’t think I used my own name back then. Must be a different person
  11. Not sure... I’m certainly *a* David, but I don’t know if I’m *the* David you’re thinking of.
  12. Mine will probably always be the cover of WHYDFML by Sharon Jones (RIP) and The Dap-Kings but I’m also quite fond of the Pollyseed’s cover of Funny How Time Flies (featuring Robert Glasper).
  13. The cafe I’m getting breakfast at just now was playing Any Time, Any Place. Thankfully it didn’t encourage people to start fornicating
  14. Could probably throw in “Better Herbie Hancock sample” too. I’d say All Nite wins on each category. It wouldn’t even be in my top 20 favourite Janet songs, but then So Excited wouldn’t feature in my top 50.
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