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  1. I agree with the AMAs being the weakest. I was actually embarrassed. It wasn't energetic or hype like it usually is. The crowd seemed bored and I think the horrible lip sync added to it. I mean we know she lips like most performers but that performance was a Britney kind of lip sync lol I disagree. I actually loved the Asian theme.
  2. True but for those who don't know, Lifetime is owned by A&E
  3. lol yeah they definitely did. I think it was supposed to help Countess get her feet into the music industry and blow up but it never happened. Moesha was cool but it had too much drama for me
  4. thanks and damn where you been? lol
  5. and yo ass be talking about i'm late
  6. I wish they would've worked on it a long time ago cause they're over a decade late smh
  7. I love how he's being dragged along with his wife Jessica "Beagle" for putting jumping in the convo but yeah Alexa play "Too Little, Too Late" by JoJo!
  8. I wonder why she's auctioning off her stuff? Then again seems like a lot of it isn't worth keeping, especially a wedding dress. There's a few haters trying to say she's broke but of course we know that ain't true. She's also auctioning off the Diamond Earrings Oprah gave her from the Legend's Ball
  9. I'm off Sunday but I wish it would trend during the game instead of us having it trending in the day before the game starts
  10. thanks Selz!!! and Fuck you to all the people that saw this thread and didn't say nothing
  11. here he go and by the way he always starting shit with other people on there and correcting them which gets him into fights lol
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