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  1. Sad news to hear, especially him being so young. Another member gone. My condolences
  2. Yes but unfortunately Janet always put the good shit on her overseas releases and idk why Same here! I play it regularly. I think this was on the album originally before Virgin made her take that shit back and not give them so much porn music.
  3. All the black pop artists in general throughout the decades. None other than Michael, Janet, or Rihanna have really made dents in the UK or have been huge there. That's what i'm talking about
  4. I still don't think black pop does well overseas period. What black pop artists have made it big over there?
  5. which is weird because the UK loved those 2 songs and you're right if they play any song off of RN it's Escapade. I've heard UK Janet fans say the same. I don't think black pop was ever big in the UK so maybe that's why
  6. Never heard this song but I don't see anything in the video that has Janet or Aaliyah all over it lol
  7. I thought it you and I that used to message each other on there. Either way I remember you name from there lol and Dazburn's
  8. hmm I used to be friends with another Janet fan with a name similar to yours. I think it was on janet-xone before I got banned lol
  9. I'm glad to not see anymore racist American flag flying. We're all American but WHITE MEN are the only people who get in their trucks and fly the American flag aggressively and racist as if this country only belongs to them.
  10. let's not go there with Pressed-ton lol. He's been getting dragged by Janet fans for a minute now and he does block people
  11. wth I got a free 30 day subscription to hbo max when I got internet from at&t and ain't use it yet lol. Glad you reminded me
  12. what's wrong about what he said?
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