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  1. Rhythm Nation should be no.1 or no.2 and that's the lowest it should be. NO album produced by Joe Jackson should be above 20 Y.O.
  2. well for 1 she didn't tour and also Viacom and clearchannel which own several media outlets didn't play Janet's music or her videos and that means overseas as well. Damita Jo was predicted to outsell "All For You" which sold 8 million copies ww
  3. Thank you! The initial reception would've been a little better? Just A Little While was climbing the charts on airplay alone and it peaked atop the Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Internationally, it was more successful, reaching the top ten in Belgium, Canada, and Spain and the top twenty in Australia and The United Kingdom. It peaked at number one in Japan for five weeks, and was the year's second-biggest hit on Japan's international airplay chart. That song is one of the tracks on the album that most of us skip The lady performed in front of more than 100 million viewers and everybo
  4. It definitely would've and I hate when fans say otherwise just because it didn't do well. It didn't do well ONLY BECAUSE OF THE SUPERBOWL
  5. oh nah you messed up with the Damita Jo lol. 20 Y.O. is definitely not better than DJ
  6. I think I would too. I like DJ better. I think they're only ranking Unbreakable higher due to it being more deep than DJ
  7. Damn they really did that to 20 Y.O.
  8. Yeah that's a good album and it may surprise some of y'all but I like the "All For You" album better. Lyrically and dealing with substance it can't compare to the "Unbreakable" album but as far as tracks All For You is the better album
  9. lol neither of those songs I care for so i'm with you there. "My Baby" wasn't bad tho. I also agree with you on your last sentence. I feel Janet doesn't make as much of an effort vocally as she can. Last time I felt we got crisp clear vocals were on "No Sleeep" when she did the chorus and on "Take Me Away" when she also did the chorus take me awaaaaay frooooooooooom heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.
  10. I already know she's versatile and that's one of the many reasons everybody loves her but don't go around saying she has more power in her voice now when she doesn't. You said she was timid and that just simply not true and yes Jimmy did say she was never satisfied. Damita Jo wasn't embarrassing. It was actually good and so were he vocals. "I Want You" which got her nominated for a grammy for best vocal , "Island Life", "Like You Don't Love Me", and even on "SloLove" she hit high notes so disappointment where? Now Discipline i'll agree with.
  11. hmm nah Janet was never too timid to sing full out on songs cause she's done it plenty of times. She was just always insecure about her voice not being big but she's definitely sung full out and yes we all know about how she uses her voice and harmonies. I love the Unbreakable album and as far as content it's definitely one of her better albums. I feel on that album she barely sang in her higher tone which is when she always sounds better
  12. it definitely would've been up there with Usher's. Alicia, Kanye, and Beyonce wasn't finna outsell no Janet before the backlash. Sorry they just weren't.
  13. power is definitely the wrong choice of words and of course it's less light. She can't hit the notes like she used to. Unless you're Patti or Aretha your voice is automatically going to get deeper or raspier as a woman when you get older
  14. More powerful? No it's not. Every human loses power in their voice the older they get
  15. ok so let's be honest. Were Janet's voals on Unbreakable part of why y'all didn't care for much of the music?
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