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  1. Today makes the 4th day in a row that Janet has been trending. Now i'm seeing fans saying she's sold 200 million records. Let's not get ahead of ourselves with that number. Until a credible source says so then she's gonna stay at 160 million although she never updates her shit lol
  2. this is good publicity for Janet. So many ppl never realized the extent of what it did to her career until now. It has sparked new outrage and people are bringing up clips like this. When I tell you ppl are dragging this guy for the disrespectful interview he gave Janet 17yrs ago I ain't lying. They all on his ass from his twitter to his IG page. I bet he forgot about the whole thing until now
  3. So I just heard it's showing how she got fucked over and it's slamming Justin. I'll watch it when I get a chance
  4. I heard a few people saying they were but I got rid of cable like 5yrs ago so i'ma just see what social media say lol
  5. I wouldn't say random. Her documentary is right around the corner so she's making appearances and will keep them leading up to the release. At least thats what I'm thinking
  6. he's good and doing his basic choreography. It's nothing to go home and write about. It looks like the basic tutorials of taking a dance class. Everybody talking about Feedback he did for the Vegas show but what exactly is there to like about it? The moves were boring and basic, the only thing that stood out was the costumes and colors. If you watch it again and pay attention to choreography like I did then you'll see it sucks. I agree with everything you said about his choreography
  7. Now I understand Janet is 55 but that doesn't mean she should be picking from the bottom of the barrel. If you've seen this guy's work then you know it's not good at all. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUYIurqv8Xa/ https://www.facebook.com/693757173/videos/579489650060895/
  8. and I said I just now seen it, just be glad I was on yo side
  9. the fact they RS has 3 Britney songs ahead of Rhythm Nation sends me smh
  10. idk why i'm just now seeing this but TVR is definitely not just as acclaimed as Control and RN, like at all. Maybe in the JanFam but not the general public
  11. idk if I wanna see this. I feel like they waited waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long and Keanu looks old af to be doing all that crazy s*** lol
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