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  1. :clapping: FINALLY Next vote= With U, Im not wit that song lol I like it but its my next target (plus the remix is a trillion times better)
  2. lol where to begin... That she noticed that she knows and have seen alot of 53 yr old women who look alot better than Madonna, and that she thinks Madonna needs a good old school face lift because her skin looks to leathery, and how Kristie Allie is 60 but she looks much younger & better than Madonna Whats funny about this to me is also that, well Wendy aint exactly 47 lookin 27 herself, but I do agree wit all that lol.
  3. Would I like to see her do it? FUCK YEA, do I think she'd do it? Mostlikely no. And I was watching Wendy and I dont think she meant it to be shady, she meant it as a fact in pop culture, there arent many women (probably can count the lucky ones on 1 hand) who are cranking out big hit albums and singles in their mid 40s, and the only way they really get their popularity back is on reality shows (look @ Toni Braxton, wonder what that last album would of done if she did it after BFV). I dont think she was shading Janet tho. She shaded the HELLL outta Madge tho lol (but thats another subject, but its an example of REAL Wendy shade, not what she said about Janet, that was soft from Wendy, but on Madonna, that wasnt nothin but 100% SHADE lol) BUT, my only concern about her replacing Xtina is we'd have to endure alot of "But Janets not even that great of a singer", "Christina's such a better singer than Janet", and that kind of shit, that I'd get tired of hearing. But seriously tho why wouldnt I want that, we'd end up getting to see her perform like every other week, by herself and with the other judges.
  4. Yea, Im very long winded, I always have alot to say about anything lol. Its a blessing & a curse lol. Yea Im rooting for DI2M, TC, or Enjoy any of the 3 of them and Im a happy camper
  5. Like I said, it just dont do nothin for me, its missing that UMPH, and once again the funny thing is, I like most of the tracks on 20 Y.O. but that one is 1 of my all time least fave Janet tracks (which there arent alot of). But I like the beat, but I dont think theres anything specail about it, at least for me anyway. For me the album ends with Take Care, one of her (in my opinon) best slow jams ever lol. And I really tried to like L2L, when I 1st got the album, then I ignored it for like 3 yrs, and then I started communicating with alot more fans and found out it was 1 of the few faves from that era, I gave it another try, but I always wound up (and when I here it on my all Jan playlist I still wind up) either skipping it after the 1st chours, or if Im letting it play through, Im anxiously awaiting it to finish so I can get right to Roll Witchu. The song just aint for me, maybe I just need to see her do it live (thats what happend wit never letchu go, couldnt stand that song either till she did it live, now I like it, not 1 of my faves from Discipline, but def not my least fave, which is Greatest Ex, I'll be jumping on that 1 the sec the Discipline round opens lol)
  6. LOL I know, dont let the nail filling fool ya lol, we cool..........but I dont like that song lol.
  7. Please, that song was tied for the most votes for a reason, dont tell me you actually think it'll make it to the final 5, you know its on its way out.
  8. LOVE 2 LOVE MUST GOOOO cause I dont love to love this song
  9. LOL I feel you, hell its hard not to always go wit the flow myself. Hell but I learned I cant trust other people (even the top name critics) 100% wit the reviews and opinions on everything. But still its hard being that 1 person out of 20 that hates something that everyone else thinks is so amazing, or vice versa, love something most of the people dont,in my case right now 20 Y.O. lol, like I know my priorities wit this album, I'd NEVER put it next to the holy 4 (control, RN, janet., & TVR) but I will say I thought it was one of the better albums of 2006 that I heard/had, but good lawd Im not foolish enough to say it was even half of Janets best (well Enjoy, Take care, Roll Witchu, & Do it to me I LOVE like they were from other eras, but the rest, I like em, but I know betta)
  10. Oh no need to apologize, its a name that for me can go either way, depends on how its said and I knew you didnt mean anything mean by it, no harm here lol, we cool. And your right, thats exactly how I am wit everything, fuck what everyone else thinks, if its "hott" or not, or a success or a flop, if I like or love it thats all that matters to me lol BINGO!!!
  11. I consider myself a level headed stan, like I consider a dangerous stan 1 who forces themself to LOVE everything she does, who ,alters their likes and opinions and life to center around being a Janet fan, and has no interest in any other artist. Those folks scare the hell outta me LOL. But me, Janets my #1, but not my only 1, and I can be honest and critical with the stuff I didnt like, and with the stuff I do like I can say what would've made me like it more. But yea, I qualify as a stan I suppose lol, but I think Im more level headed than most Most fans get on me because they say Im too "nice" about what I dont like, but shit I call it being respectfull, I can draw the line between constructive criticism, and just plain MEAN. like why I dont like Love 2 Love, it needs a UMPH too it, which the beat was giving ( I do love that beat) but I dont digg the singing and voice in it. And its funny like I tell people, that that song follows Take Care which I consider 1 of her best & sophisticated baby making songs ever.
  12. Funny thing for me is, I actually love (not even just "like") majority of the songs on 20 Y.O., but thats 1 I can honestly say I barely like. I still play it through every now & then, but it does nothin for me. As far as Discipline same thing goes for Greatest Ex, in my opinion undoubtably 1 of the most forgettable Janet songs in the last 25 yrs (same wit Whats your name, but I actually like that song, I digg it lol) But I dont think I'll write out my greatest hits tracklisting because its unrealistic, theres way to many songs I'd pack into that and think of all the B-sides, remixes, alternates, and unreleased stuff........... a lil somethin about me, the odds of me not liking a Janet song is pretty low, it happens (as you see wit Love 2 Love & Greatest Ex), but not often, so my GH would be like 6 albums, at least
  13. Thats one of the few tracks thatd be far away from mine
  14. Yall............"DONT MESS UP THIS GOOD THING"!!! this era is doing the most good since AFY, all the movies, TV appearances/performances. This era is very nice. Granted the only thing missing is a new (hit) studio album, which I hope is coming soon, but her demand is pretty high right now, and I love that, and yea if it were up to me itd end right after Australia with a few Hawaii dates in the Christmas season. But Im personally loving the demand shes in and how shes going all these places, in fact I wish she went a few more like latin America, more places in Europe, more places in Asia, etc. And ya Im a huge fan of "Janet the actress" but the actress can wait a lil while to do another movie (not as in 3-5 yrs, but just like when the next albums coming to a close, cause I know it'll be worth the wait in that department). And at the same time as much as I BADLY want this new album, I want it to be worth my wait to, the worst thing that can happen in my opinion is "Discipline part 2" so I want her to go to WORK on this album, and make Discipline a distant memory, so she can take her time if she accomplishes that.
  15. I wonder the same thing too, I mean personally I like it way more than Discipline, I think the quality of the songs and lyrics were much better than Discipline but thats my opinion, it is what it is, Im used to people dissing the album lol, I was used to it before Discipline came out. Damita Jo still kicks both of their asses lol.
  16. [quote name=Selita Jo ' timestamp='1315428300' post='231184] So I downloaded the Rhythm Nation Japan gig from Janet Media, but can somebody help me with extracting the files in WinRar so I can burn it to a DVD? There's various files with VOB, .BUP and .IFO, but some are associated with VLC Player and some aren't. Zip files confuse me
  17. But she talked about Ruff being cut from DJ in the 04 issue of Blender, she said it was too much or something like that, and she talked about it again in 06, but I remember her talking about it in 04 too.
  18. ...but the DJ era was over & done in 05. What Im saying is if she recorded Enjoy in 05 like Jam & Janet said, it couldnt've been recorded during the DJ era, like Clap Your Hands might've been and most likely was.
  19. Wait didnt Jimmy say that Janet recorded Enjoy during MJ's trial in 05?
  20. YES!!! RWU GOT A VOTE, finally lol. I do feel like setlist-wise that was most definately the best tour of the 00's............not costume wise ofcourse, but musically YES.
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