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  1. I definately can sense that. But at the same time, its way obvious she has much more respect and excitement about movies than music, EVERY single album project since Rhythm Nation, she brings up acting more, and when she does theres a enthusiasm that I've hardly seen her get towards the albums she promotes. I SOOOOOO hope she dosent get into horror because seriously, as a HUGE horror fan its SO hard to find a good horror film that not half comedy or half a porno its re-goddamn-diculous and unless its something solid like Saw 8 or Scream 5....Im not for it (plus.....kinda dont wanna see Janet getting murdered.....ya, but if she were the killer in somethin thatd be bad ass, hell if she were the villain period, thats the only way I can put up wit seeing her die on screen, she's gotta be a dirty mean BITCH who got it commin lol). But unless it is a solid horror franchise, thats a genre I wouldnt mind her avoiding. Personally I'd like her to get in either romantic comedy, action/adventure, sci-fi, or action movie. (I'd really like to see her play a badass cop, thatd be hot) Personally, I dont care LOL, I love Janet the musician more than I love Janet the actress, but I love them both alot. And I want more from both, and Ima keep supporting both 1 way or another.
  2. Yea its funny when I saw her in Chicago (the 7th) she didnt introduce anybody, just performed said her thank yous and how much she loved us etc. But in Detroit last Tuesday, she introduced everybody, and just got more personal (in my opinion) with us, not by much tho, just by telling us what we meant to the family and that this is where all the success began etc. This is the tour where I think everyone shoulda tried to see more than 1 show, 1 on the 1st leg (when she was changing costumes) and 1 on this past leg with the hair and the 1/3 looks. It was 2 different shows almost, attitude wise and tone wise. It was really something to see both, and I love both and I couldnt (today( pick 1 that was better........(maybe the Detroit one, I LOVED how much attitude and personality she gave us)
  3. Oh I agree with that with all of the names I listed, but yea tell that to her stans, they think her lyrics are the deepest, most mature and real stuff in the world............ her lyrics are SOOOO 1 dimensional its not even funny....well it is a lil lol
  4. Look, all Beyonce has over Janet (TODAY, lets see where she'll be in 5 yrs) is popularity and mostlikely the money. But seriously? Does her having more money get her the level of respect Janet has earned? Does instantly break any of Janets world records? Does it erase the fact that Janet videos from over 20 years ago are still being copied by the likes of her and all the little girls around her? Nope, it just means she has more money, and that dont instantly make her the best ANYTHING, the best singer, dancer, actor (hell no), daughter, sister, wife, or mother. There are some very stupid rich people, there are very mean and horrible rich people, and there are very untalented rich people. And the ssame goes for poor people. your finances dont change ANY of that on the inside, it may help, but it dosent instantly give you all of those things and abilities. And next time any of you go against a Bey stan, you remind them, that the womens album sells arent killing anybody or breaking any records, nor are her ticket sells putting MJ's, JJ's, Madonna's, U2's or any other big name acts in the dust, and that her dancing isnt better than Ciara Paula or Janet so she's not putting them in her dust, her acting isnt and hasnt been getting outstanding praise putting Halle in her dust, her voocal range isnt putting young Aretha Franklin, young Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, or Christina Aguilera in her dust. And her lyrics arent putting Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Janet, or Linda Perry in her dust. Basically she's just good at those, shes not better in 1 field than any name associated with it, she's just good enough (if that in some catagories "cough,acting & dancing, cough") so me personally, I'd rather stand for someone who's brilliant at atleast 1 of those things (which Janet is at more than 1 of ofcourse) then someone who's just sliding by on those or good enough. Beyonce is just a C average on all of those levels, Hell Janet got A'SSSSS, maybe not in everything but she got A's she got things she's gonna be remembered for forever, duces lol damn I didnt realize how long that was.......ma bad lol.
  5. I agree with the thread, I think Janet mastered reinvention before & BETTER than Madonna ever did, Madonna just got more attention for hers, like she always has with everything they have in common, Janets the better one but Madonna gets the notice/attention its sadly just the way it is. About Madonnas rollersets OMG yall got me laughin to hard at that. But yall know where thats headed..... I think this will be madonnas new look in the next 2-5 yrs
  6. The dumbest thing about the whole article is that their trying to say he's James DeBarge & Janets son.............THATS SO STUPID, because this kid obviously dont have 2 black parents, he looks absolutely nothing like James DeBarge in any way at anytime in his life. Like I said when someone posted this on Facebook, Im sick and tired of the DeBarges (especially the mom) milking Janets name by putting kids with her, yet they have never provided a picture, a solid back story, or can stick to same story at all. 1st she had a daughter in 82 according to a DeBarge brother, then, according to another she had a daugheter in 84, then another DeBarge brother said 88, and now she just has a son. Why the hell cant this family get this story straight if their gonna really try to milk her name for her popularity, they need to call all their asses in 1 room and come up with a fake picture, full name, year & time of birth, and where she is today and some fake proof, I mean seriously put a lil effort into lying for attention, geez
  7. Woa, everybody's look good, I might have to make some playlists of theses myself lol
  8. Thanks, I look forward to reading yours and everyone elses.
  9. Yea.............Kinda just left those to be unncessary for this since I know theres alot of fans who dont like them, but for meshe has some I really like and some that are but I just didnt feel like adding them to mine but if I did .the opening interlude to the janet. album .20YO interlude where she just sings "laaaaaaaa daaaaa deeeeeeee" LOL I dont know what she's saying but thats my fave interlude she's ever done .The interlude at the end of I want you where she talks about her love for music .The interlude before the song Where are you now on janet. Those are my interlude choices, but like I said for this game, their not needed, but those are mine
  10. I was re-reading the discussion about what we want from Janet on the new album, and I just thought itd be fun to make up a tracklist of songs from previous albums that werent released or noticed, or even songs that are available that werent on albums (b-sides, features and unreleased) to show what you'd really like maybe the albums direction or sound to be. And if your up to it, you can take it a step further and post what you'd like the singles to be Album Title- Better Days 1.Better Days 2.Heartbeat Love 3.Accept Me 4.What can I say 5.2Nite 6.Roll Witchu 7.Put your hands on 8.Do it to me 9.Trust a Try 10.Lonely 11.Feels so right 12.One More Chance 13.My Need 14.China Love 15.Island Life 16.The Body That Loves you 17.Take care 18.Empty 19.Where are you now 20.I know the truth 21.On & on 22.Beat of Black Wings Singles 1.What can I say 2.Heart Beat Love 3.China Love 4.Island Life 5.Trust a Try (pop radio)/ Accept Me (R&B radio) 6.Roll Witchu 7.Take Care 8.Beat of Black Wings 9.Better Days Well this is my perfect new Janet album lol, also every song on the album would have a video. Ofcourse by making these lists Im asking you guys to think outside of "that sounds dated" or "thats not popular" because maybe Janet would make it popular....so have fun with this.
  11. .................anyone plan on getting back on the subject of the thread soon.....?
  12. Yea well I had alot to say, thats why I spaced it out for those who didnt wanna read all of what I had to say
  13. Just a Little While, definately. Thats ma vote too, not to say I dont like the song, but the song didnt fit the album AT ALLLLLL, it sounds like it would've fit PERFECTLY on All For You, but Damita Jo was too laid back/urban for THAT type of pop/rock song, it didnt fit at all. If asked in 06 I probably would've said either Thinkin Bout My Ex or Like You Dont Love Me, I was never a fan of either 1 of those songs, until literally last year, and I realized that they very much fit the mood and style of the album. I never thought (since my 1st listen on its release date) that Just A little while fit on that album tho, and when I heard the alternate.......I was like what the fuck? Love me for a little while fit Damita Jo PERFECTLY, same with Put your hands on. I think both of those should've been on the album before JALW. Hell even in the album interview, judging by her tone and what she had to say about the song, it didnt sound like JALW was a song Janet was excited about being on the album or being a single (the lead 1 at that), like she didnt seem to care much about the song, thats just what I got from that, idk. And I definately agree that it was a strong album all in all, that is VERY underrated to this day and deserved better than it got, because if it werent for the banning I think it could've been 1 of the bigger albums of 2004, because it fit the sound that was hott at the time, the same way All For You did in 2001. But it is what it is, still good music regardless
  14. If I had to pick, I want a mix of Rhythm Nation (songs about the wrold, not necessarily about politics, like others have suggested, but songs about real problems) a mix of the janet. album (my favorite album because the album it self was a huge mix of different styles, but I want the love songs to be more classy and lyrically delicious, Ive never been 1 of those people to say "she to old to be singing bout that", because I think thats a double standard, I dont recall anyone saying that about Barry White in his 40's and 50's or Marvin Gaye) and the Velvet rope, where she has songs where she lets her guard down and let us in, because she's been through ALOT these last 2yrs, loss of a brother and breakup of a 7 year relationship, not to EVEN mention she could talk about the industry turning its back on her, unfairly so. Basically what I want MOST from this album, is for it to be able to stand up next to Contorl, RN, janet, & The Velvet Rope. I Love the last 4 albums, I think Damita Jo is amazing, but seriously, they dont stand up to those previous ones lyric wise or sound wise. I want a album that can stand up to the best of Janets work. Thatd be my order if she were taking em lol
  15. I hope she does do Latin America then, I bet thatd make alot of her fans very happy, it being her 1st time and all
  16. Hell all the pics from last year havent been released yet either, I dont like that, we see all the costumes and hot poses in the behind the scenes videos, but we only got like 5 official released pictures, when theres tons, and it'll probably be the same this year, but whatever, just happy about the new pics in general. We'll get the rest when its meant to be. But yea thats the still from the video, I have the fullsize one.
  17. Yea thatd be cool, whens the last time she did do Mexico?
  18. Apparently (according to this fool Im arguing with in the comments of the video) LaToya is a brilliant writer and her singing voice has sooo much more range than Janet and she's so much more popular than Janet ever was..............
  19. Sho is, I love her too, but....over Janet.....NEVA,even before I was a Janet fan, and before I knew ANYTHING about Janet (besides the song Scream) I knew enough NEVER to put LaToya before Janet
  20. I KNOW, this person is REALLY trying too, I mean its just crazy Seriously you guys should at least check it out
  21. You guys think she'll go back to Hawaii this tour too? I think so, maybe she'll end it there again.
  22. I KNOWWW thats what got me into this too, Im half fascinated I mean WOW............they REALLY think LaToya is the best........but why?
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