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  1. I just hope Janet is doing everything because she honestly wants to and not to simply pacify the fans.
  2. Honestly, the same people that want to album to drop now will be the biggest complainers when the album doesn't chart well enough. I would like to hear the album as soon as possible, but it should be set where it can meet the most potential, and that might mean waiting until everything clears out.
  3. I perhaps DJ could be switched only because it would make decent lo-key project, but 20Yo and Discipline can at times sound like something he daddy might as well make her sing. But at the end of the day, I agree with some fans' take: She has no bad albums, some subpar ones, but no bad ones.
  4. I took a first time listen to Dream Street and let me tell you: This is arguably Janet's most underrated album. I was bopping to so many songs on the album. It seems that the executives decided to try to up the tempo from the first album and I felt to paid off. It has less ballads and they aren't as strong (Two to the Power of Love is quite bad). But the dance number are definite bangers. Highlights for me are Can't Stand Another Chance, Pretty Boy and All my Love to You. Dream Street is definitely not worthy of being a punchline. It's better than a lot of the urban contemporary music of that time, and it definitely showed strong potential. It would put it 7th, above Damita Jo, 20YO, Discipline, the debut. There was at least somewhat of a concept that the executives committed to.
  5. The positive is that there are no particularly bad songs, they just aren't remarkable. Even if they didn't want her to take any risks, the songwriting could have been stronger. I'll say that a good 7" version of SYD would have slapped.
  6. I just listen to the first album for the first time. You could argue that this is her best vocally produced album, but on the other hand, it had the most consistantly pedestrian songs. The ballads are the highlight while the dance songs kinda dragged on a little to much for me. I still put it below 20YO and Discipline, but it's not behind by much.
  7. I'm not saying the it wouldn't do well per se, rather it wouldn't have done THAT well. The first week sales and charting would have been a little better, but I would not be coming for Usher, Alisha, etc. I see it doing 2 millions tops. I'm more than aware the the singles did better abroad, but can you (not you specifically) explain why that didn't translate into better album sales, despite being promoted internationally.
  8. No. The initial reception would have been a little better but it wouldn't be seen as a critical smash. Same thing about the success. There would still be an inevitable decline, but not as bad as it became. And even then those albums did modestly.
  9. So Excited is the better song and it's not even saying that much. I rate All Nite as probably her worst dance song. S.Ex ages pretty poorly too but I can say there was some initial enthusiasm when I first heard it. All Nite has the better choreography and performances. Both videos are pretty underwhelming at best but I also give All Nite the edge.
  10. I'm not saying it's about money, but she's comfortable enough to where she can simply seclude herself without really have to justify anything. Most people don't have the privilege. Most have to deal with the everyday's grim reality which places us in a position to either face it head on or wallow in it.
  11. We can be as frustrated as we want, but why should she worry if some of the issues concerning her legacy isn't taking money out of her pocket? At the end of the day, she has to want to do these things for herself.
  12. I understand just fine. If the album was better recieved abroad, a tour there would have been a no brainer, but the results signified a decline in those markets also.
  13. She's made appearances in the UK, Japan, France, Denmark and Spain. The singles probably did better abroad (but it doesn't say that much), the not the album. I feel that some fans need to realize that she didn't have the luxury to seek refuge abroad like her peers. And just enjoy Mariah and stop trying to make it about Janet.
  14. But the US was still the album's most successful market, with considerable international promo.
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