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  1. Between albums for Janet. Then again, “Black Diamond” was suppose to drop almost two years ago but COVID literally stopped the world. Can we expect the new album with the release of the documentary??? We can only wait….no hope as usual. Lol
  2. WOW!!! I’m too emotional right now! That DOC was EVERYTHING!!! No worries needed!!! So positive, encouraging and respectful of Janet and even showing how she has been given praise as a legend as of late but still doesn’t make it right what was done to her. Justin…..it’s over for you!!!! But I mean…
  3. She NEEDS to collaborate with Tessandra Chavez again!!! That China Love choreo was
  4. So, maybe new single by November 2021 with the Doc/new album release in January 2022?!?
  5. Child “from her lips” is being suspiciously silent after this news broke!!! Whatchu up to Janet?! Hmmmm “From My Lips”, should be an album title!
  6. The Choice Is Yours! the Matrix Resurrections…..
  7. Aaliyah’s streaming rollout begins!!! Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music
  8. Not getting excited! It’s been a hard and brutal wait since BD had to be postponed because of COVID. But it’s nice to hear.
  9. Agreed! The heavy Aaliyah sample carries the song too much to the point I just want to listen to the original. But the visuals n choreo for the video are NEXT level for Normani. But idk if she’ll really breakout into a big star even if her talent is clearly there.
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