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  1. I STILL think it’s the best of the trilogy of nothing to say!!!! Damita Jo-Discipline
  2. Slant Magazine just released their official ranking of her discography in anticipation of “Black Diamond” since it’s unfortunately being put on hold for an unknown period of time because of the pandemic. https://www.slantmagazine.com/music/every-janet-jackson-album-ranked/
  3. ......the album that also features “Warmth” and “Moist”...... ”My Baby”=Rainy Afternoon vocals.... And yes, it’s ok to admit Janet was timid because she is a perfectionist and is always hard on herself when it came to her voice. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t make the effort, just not as much as she can.
  4. I said she was timid about it, not that she never did. Didn’t Jimmy say, Janet was often never satisfied by her vocals and would be like, “that was alright...” We know she can sing full on like Rhythm Nation, Together Again and All For You but let’s be real, Damita Jo-Discipline were vocally embarrassing at times. That infamous whisper voice ran rampant because she wasn’t inspired with no passion behind it. Songs like “Unbreakable” and “Broken Hearts Heal” do show her higher range while “After You Fall” and “Gon B Alright” were vocally eclectic! The raw emotion behind those vocals were stunnin
  5. Mmmm I wouldn’t say she can’t hit the high notes anymore. Unbreakable had some of Janet’s best vocals for sure. Not to mention Made For Now! The thing is Janet has always been too timid to sing out full on songs because of her insecurity about her vocal range. Janet’s voice has always lacked raw power but made up for it in versatility. She can sing Rock, R&B, Jazz, Country, Folk, POP, etc. unlike her contemporaries. It’s always been about how she uses her voice and her harmonies?!?!! Even Brandy stans those harmonies!!!
  6. I think her voice has become more full n less light is what they might mean. Like there’s maturity and growth in it.
  7. Honestly, I think it might just be the tour because waiting another year for the album is nonsense! Janet can still do single/videos and live performances in front of no audience (Tho that kind of defeats the purpose of a Janet Jackson performance!!!) but Janet n her team should work with the limitations like other artists have n do their best to promote and make the era work. Tho the world tour WAS the main draw for the era, not the music itself. Sigh....idk...this year is such a mess!!! It’d b nice to end it on a good note with a single or something to give us hope!
  8. vs. Better choreography??? Better make-up/costumes??? Better concept??? Better direction?? Better song overall??
  9. Ya’ll need to understand that Beyonce is a profitable GOLD MINE!!! The light skinned black woman with THE crossover look and massive appeal!!! Let’s be real!!! Beyoncé’s record sales in the digital era have been decent at best. But she is not the inventive record seller of her Idols before (Janet!) Beyoncé’s popularity is LEGENDARY, but her work isn’t ground breaking or innovative. Highly creative and visually breathtaking at times but only her last 2 studio albums have been considered staples in music history. She was purely a singles artist like her peers. Let’s face it, Beyonce has a worldw
  10. Honestly, I hear what you’re saying but if anything, Janet REGAINED her passion AFTER Micheal died because 1) Her albums were consistently sucking. 2004-2008 was the most uninspired years of her career (when Micheal was alive I might add) and it resulted in her weakest work since before Control. 2) Janet got tired of making these generic, mediocre albums so that’s why she stopped recording a new album with Pitbull and Darkchild in 2009. She needed time to be inspired again by processing everything that happened and live until bam! “Unbreakable” comes out n now she had too much to say n talk ab
  11. I doubt that! Ageism on the radio wasn’t as bad compared to it now. Not to mention, she was ONLY 37!!! They were even saying the Damita Jo was estimated to outsell All For You and Just A Little While would have kept climbing easily because of her reputation alone, not to mention her success was unstoppable until the SB incident. We need to realize that the era would have been highly competitive, but Janet would has still been massively successful for her career at the time.
  12. Ummmm ya’ll sure you wanna go track by track??!! Ok.... The Velvet Rope vs. Unbreakable You vs. BURNITUP! Got Til It’s Gone vs Dammn Baby My Need vs. the Great Forever Go Deep vs. Shoulda Known Better Free Xone vs. After You Fall Together Again vs Broken Hearts Heal Empty vs. Night (MOTHER OF GOD! ) What About vs No Sleeep (AHHHHHH!!! ) Everytime vs Dream Maker/Euphoria Tonight’s the Night vs 2 B Loved I Get Lonely vs Take Me Away (I GIVE UP!!! ) Rope Burn vs Lessons Learned (FLATLINE......) Anythin
  13. Arguably her magnum opus vs. her most recent tour de force return to greatness!!! Let’s see what you guys think???
  14. Yup! The disrespect for her n Whitney is staggering!!!
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