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  1. Omg yes, I agree!!! That outfit alone made the dance break....the entire choreography lose its genuine sexual energy and iconic-ness!!! Damn Wissam!!! Lol
  2. That 1993 VMAs performance tho!!!! But as for weakest??? Ummmm 2009 AMAs I guess!
  3. Finally some exciting Janet news again n something to look forward too a year from now!!!!
  4. FINALLY!!! That rumored Netflix documentary coming into fruition!!!! Can’t wait!!!
  5. A shame really. Janet’s overall album sales in US should be well over 50 million by since they were last certified at 25 million or so. Over 150 million easily by now!!! Sigh.
  6. Taylor’s new album is already estimated to debut atop the Billboard 200; making it her 8 #1 album and #8 consecutive #1 album on the chart. Yeah.....I was bored so here’s Taylor news. Sigh....
  7. Love Will Never Do (Without You)-Macy Gray
  8. It WOULD be nice if she secured that record for #1 albums in 5 consecutive decades achievement.....
  9. With the preparation time and money she accumulated with last 2 tours, residency and anniversary concerts, she NEEDS to give us at least 4 singles/videos. 2 dance, 1 mid-tempo and 1 ballad, thank you!!! Yeah, yeah, fat chance!!!
  10. No thank you, I’ve been watering my spiritual garden all year with all this bullsh!t. Also, I have no expectations anymore when it comes to Janet, I just don’t find her teasing exciting anymore given this year as a whole. That’s what I mean. I just don’t care about the album anymore. Whoever wants all that doesn’t exist, are you ok???
  11. Janet needs to pull a Mariah and do her own rarities type of release. I still think What Can I Say, Clap Your Hands, Could This Be Love and Put it On you are some of the best songs she recorded at that time and the fact they didn’t even make the album cut!!! Yeah, Janet was creatively vacant during that time in her career! Wow!
  12. Well then that excludes Damita Jo since it’s never been acclaimed or highly regarded outside the fanbase. In fact, this unnecessary attachment to this album by the fanbase is STILL staggering. I still find it hilarious that Damita Jo, 20 Y.O. and Discipline are practically interchangeable in terms of quality but Damita Jo was terribly underrated and overshadowed because of the Super Bowl fiasco. All a retread about sex, all a retread about her ex’s, all a retread with the generic love songs, wash, rinse, repeat. Even Jimmy has said Janet came into the studio and didn’t even want to write but t
  13. Idk after this year it’s hard to get excited about anything anymore!!!!
  14. It doesn’t matter when the album has some of her best singles/songs!!! TTWLG, If, Throb, This Time, etc. are faaaaarrr more creative and inventive than ANYTHING between All For You and Unbreakable. Let’s not exaggerate those flaws now when they r ONLY flaws. Janet. at least was original for Janet and not a tiresome retread like her 2004-2008 output!
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