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  1. Technically, they were talking about a number one song. Let's not pretend like Top 10 singles aren't hits. It's also worth noting that the writer of that article has a history of being as impartial about Beyoncé as you do with the iPhone. I'll tell you what I'm tired of. The Recording Academy itself defines a Grammy as an award representing artistic or technical achievement. They even specifically state that it is not based on sales or chart positions. We all know that's garbage, but the argument is used very selectively where Beyoncé is concerned. It's not enough that she's at her artistic pe
  2. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  3. Thanks. I do love it, just not as much as others. Aw, I only stream now. Apple Music ruined the merging of my existing library and their streaming platform so I cut my ties and subscribed to Spotify. Still love that song.
  4. 10. Dog Years by Maggie Rogers With an early Adele-like placidity and a gift for spacey sentimentality among her best features, Maryland's Maggie Rogers earned praise from Pharrell during his Masterclass at NYU's Clive Davis Institute earlier in the year. Subsequently, video of the super producer vibing to her song Alaska spread online and fans basically spent the rest of year waiting for its follow-up. What a relief, then, that Dog Years was a thing of such striking artistry. Cold and warm in equal measure, she instructed the song was about trusting the universe, being a good friend and never
  5. Another pop giant gone. This year has thrown music fans so much.
  6. 20. Genghis Khan by Miike Snow For all their combined pop power (associates of Britney Spears, Maroon 5 and Mark Ronson for starters), Miike Snow have managed three albums without doing the obvious and hiring headliners. Instead, they've spent the greater portion of a decade sharpening their credibility to now slip comfortably alongside fellow distinguished indie pop acts like Hot Chip, Passion Pit and Empire of the Sun. Genghis Khan saw them edge a little closer to their familiar Top 40 fringes, but the trio's predilection for ragged charm over shimmer and shine was further proof of their bel
  7. 30. Cocoon by Milky Chance Charting the number of German artists who have successfully cracked the international market is surely an uncomplicated task. The '70s and '80s gave us Boney M and Milli Vanilli, the '90s was responsible for dance favourites like Culture Beat, Real McCoy and Snap!, but what of the new millennium? The awfully named Milky Chance emerged in 2013 with the indie pop gem, Stolen Dance, breaking the UK and US Top 30 and Top 40 respectively, and managing a No. 2 peak in Australia. Their breezily rhythmic guitar style appears to be developing into something of a trademark, so
  8. I didn't realise you were a fair-weather fan. You could follow me on Spotify. I say that knowing full well you'll reply to this with sass and something about Apple Music.
  9. 40. Sunday Love by Bat For Lashes Though often aligned with contemporaries such as Lykke Li or St. Vincent, Natasha Khan is more accurately a compatriot of the space employed by '90s alt-rock queens like Tori Amos and Beth Orton, adopting several of the oddities that made them so intriguing to watch during their peak. She was at her most enterprising here, plunging into a concept album that over 13 tracks told the story of a bride whose fiance is killed en route to their wedding. After three albums of delectable art pop, Khan has become a master of her craft, and on Sunday Love, she created a
  10. Roc. Need I ask where it is on yours? Hots. Get into them. All of them! Thanks, Bu. Really appreciate you reading. You will love King. Thanks very much, Andy. They're both brilliant. Have you completed your list for the year? Good to see you.
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