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  1. yeah i have 2 now...you must have deleted me from facebook darryl?...lol diddy's parents had another litter in november so i got a little girl...her name is P!nk
  2. like the song but like thinkin bout my ex better
  3. co-signs...such a good song a video and live performance would have did the song justice
  4. no thanks...diddy now has his lil sister p!nk...thats it...no more
  5. omg i know...im blushing and i didnt even say it
  6. omg what happened to you???...i dont recall you ever speaking this way before...please take a break from this site for awhile lol
  7. he does nothing for me either...i just love him as a basketball player...im weird like that...i dont look at guys right away and find them attractive...im attracted to smarts
  8. i put that boy on south beach i would probably never hear from him again...lol
  9. http://www.hollywoodnews.com/2011/01/07/all-that-is-going-on-in-janet-jacksons-world/ All that is going on in Janet Jackson’s world By: Beck / Smith By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith HollywoodNews.com: What strange times for Janet Jackson. The songstress has been on the scene this week for the highly-emotional preliminary hearing on an involuntary manslaughter charge against Michael Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. (She has been quite vocal in blaming the doctor for her brother’s death.) At the same time, she has her own imminent business — including planning of her s
  10. lol...ok wow, well depends on your def of fun
  11. how many times are you guys gonna have this conversation?
  12. well send me the link cause it still says video removed
  13. got some stress on ya chest?...whats the problem?
  14. posted the new one this morning...its not that great cause i didnt want him to see me taking a pic of his car...i was trying to be discrete...but he remembered my name...that was cool, and i asked him did he wanna trade cars when the valet pulled up with mine...lol, he laughed at me
  15. never ever?...where you from?
  16. i posted the pic on facebook shawn
  17. D. Wade!...and he remebered my name!...he pulled up while i was waiting for the valet to bring my car around to come to work this morning
  18. both remarkable in their own way...cant compare the two...one is about her taking control of her life and career...the other is about her liberating herself...coming into womanhood
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