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Official Lip Sync for your life thread


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1 rule and 1 rule only...........the person lip syncing can't be the person who recorded the song.....so no Janet shade or other artist lip syncing to their album tracks or pre-recorded vocals.

My inspiration for this is my fave lipsync performance ever....Will Smith's And I Am Telling you

And thats the performance that would've kept him on RuPaul's Drag Race. The head trimble for "ANNNNNNNNDD IIIIIII AMMMM" gives me life, and the "No No No No way" punches.

Another 1 of my faves is this 1

Rudy & Bill stole the show. BILL WAS GETTIN IT LOL, the facial expressions....

If you don't have 1 in mind and or you wanna have extra fun with it, get on cam youself and lipsync fo yo life

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The Cosby Anniversaries are so classic. Also James Brown "I Got The Feelin'" when Rudy came out during the "baby baby baby"'s :lol:


YES THEY ARE, my only problem witht this 1 is the other 3 girls werent doing enough lol, their choreography in Night & Day slayed LOL. But yea I love this 1 and Theo, Bill & OFCOURSE Rudy's coming out of nowhere LOL.

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