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  1. I know but let's be fair Janet doesn't seem to be the type to just cut and run. She seems to hang on for dear life so things must have been really difficult between them - especially considering they just had a baby.
  2. Janet Jackson confirms split from husband months after she gave birthBy JOI-MARIE MCKENZIEMONICA ESCOBEDOApr 9, 2017, 2:02 PM ET Email Janet Jackson and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, are splitting, ABC News confirmed. A rep noted that the two are not divorcing, but separating. Janet Jackson Welcomes 1st Baby at 50 Janet Jackson, Wissam Al Mana Reveal Secret Marriage The news comes just months after Jackson, 50, gave birth to the couple's first child -- a son named Eissa Al Mana. Back in January, a rep confirmed to ABC News in a statement that "Janet had a stress-free healthy delivery." Jackson and Al Mana wed in 2012 in a secret ceremony that was revealed a year later by Jackson herself. This is the third marriage for Jackson, whose union with fellow singer James DeBarge was annulled in 1985. In 1991, she married dancer, songwriter and director Rene Elizondo Jr., but they kept their relationship a secret until their divorce in 2000.
  3. On one hand I'm surprised but on the other not so much
  4. Paul

    How is it possible

    I agree. I just hope that more people get to hear it. Her sound is great but she needs to work on her image. She was doing really well losing weight and looking good but now she's bigger than ever. Props to Traci for making a great record!
  5. Paul

    How is it possible

    Last call really is the worst song. I'm glad you agree with me! It's a really good album - if you like rnb then you'll like it!
  6. Paul

    How is it possible

    How did you work that out? lol
  7. Paul

    How is it possible

    OMG her husband is gross! That's so cringeworthy! And why has she become so fat in time to release her album? Even so the songs are really good!
  8. Paul

    How is it possible

    Have you listened to Goodbye?!
  9. So I just listened to Traci Braxtons album. She just created a record better than anything Toni has done in the last 10 years! It's better then Tamars album too! Listen to it and tell me what you think.
  10. I like her voice and I like the video - love it how the sisters are there showing support at the end. Except Towanda. Wonder if her hating has spread to Traci now too lol
  11. Plenty of people go on holiday without needing to have sex. They enjoy the culture and sights. In fact that's what most people on holiday do. If you didn't invite him just because he's unlikely to have sex then you're really basic. P.s Good luck indulging in random sex in China. You're about as likely to get lucky as he is. If sex is your goal go to Thailand or somewhere.
  12. I like it. She sounds very Toni though
  13. And those stories are nearly the same from beginning to middle to end. Beginning: joejoe meets some average looking Latino who doesn't have a ride. Middle: joejoe runs them around all over town, there's some insignificant drama involving a third or fourth person. End: joejoe doesn't get none.
  14. This body. It's just terrible. Which song by another artist do you wish was Janet's?
  15. Excuse my ignorance as I'm not American but I thought honey boo boo was poor and southern that's why she speaks like that, and I know originally a lot of black people moved north years ago taking elements of that accent etc with them?
  16. He thinks I stalk him yet he's mentioned me again and again in this thread. Obviously there's truth to what I say because he's typed hundreds of words explaining himself. A. Mess.
  17. Hehe. You may get younger and better looking guys - I CHOOSE guys with jobs and a future. Anyway you didn't need to do all that sloslo lol
  18. Omg lol! So true! I don't think Joe knows that though.... You have to be bright enough to have some self awareness. If I get to 40 and I'm asking if: A) it's ok to go after someone who a friend likes just because I can bottom if it's cool to be driving across town to pick up some Latino or another from the club when there's nothing in it for me C) posting pictures of slightly above average friends in my siggy as if it's a badge of honour that they will spend time with me please punch me in the face. Of course we all have our imperfections and life challenges and dramas but they are usually slightly more adult concerns rather than having to stop Pedro from punching someone in the club and then wondering if I should sleep with him because he got arrested last week and slept with Enrique who I slept with 2 weeks ago.
  19. Lies......you know you were thinking: Bailey just shaded you for the exact same thing he does lol
  20. I do. On a day to day basis if I'm not shaved and wearing glasses not so much, but if I'm out and shaved, contact lenses etc then yes. What would you like to eliminate from your life?
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