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Help me Out Her Lionel Vrs Prince Who Has The More Valuable Catalogue


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so having this debate with this friend and i say lionel's catalogue is worth more than prince's today and she disagrees with me

Note this is not about who has the better catalogue or who has a greater impact and such its purely about monetary worth

now just a few facts ..they have both been estimated to have sold over 100million records and their career's as solo artist is almost the same span.

my arguments are that

Lionel is even today one of the most played artist on radio ..i mean you can go anywhere without hearing Hello,endless love, all night love, say you,stuck on you i could go on and on .. for a 60's act his music is very much alive on todays radio ..something that prince can't attest to ..radio almost doesn't touch his music

another thing his one of the most covered artists on earth ...on talent competitions and tv shows worldwide ..his music is covered by all this shows with huge audience's thus new generations are re introduced to his music every time ...Tv ads all over the world use his music and stuff like that but prince has banned anybody but himself from touching his music

lionel has over 40million views for his videos on youtube ...but prince doesn't want his music there ..so its cut of from access on the internet ..cut off from radio ..almost non existent in todays world

so purely from and monetary stand point wouldn't you consider lionel's catalogue to be worth much more than prince ?

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Prince's music does get a lot of recurrent play on the radio. He also has released more material than Lionel (around 30 studio albums and hundreds of songs).

Prince is more prolific, but Lionel might have a slight edge with the Commodores.

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