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  1. Pushing the tour makes sense and I do think releasing the album in Fall is a good idea.
  2. I have played THEE FUCK outta this jam!!
  3. Opening night and NYC, I'm there!!
  4. I think the interview is fine, especially for anyone who isn't familiar with her or her music. We know there are things she won't share, so the questions should be varied and interesting.
  5. She probably needed time to travel and rehearse for Switzerland the next day. It was a longer show and a smaller stage.
  6. While touring, all of the equipment is yours generally when you go to a venue. At a festival, the logistics are completely different and sound/technical issues can occur often. I was at GLOBAL Citizen and she had no sound issues. That was mostly Panorama and on a lesser scale Essence.
  7. It's coming from fans of other artists who didn't want to see her in the first place. You know, the ones who think rock music is real music. There's a lot of people in the audience singing loudly from what I hear on the full audio and lots of cheering. And many of them happen to be white! Can't please everyone.
  8. There's a mixed response to the performance, most of the positive coming from fans on social media and some news outlets. Negative remarks are coming from those who don't care for pop/r&B and some second rate websites. There were some sound issues throughout. But not as bad as some are making it out to be.
  9. Fuck Twitter, it's only good for porn! Can't wait to watch the full set.
  10. I agree. We pay too much attention to what she should do in Europe. Let the show happen and enjoy it!
  11. The festivals she did last year were a step in the right direction. She received solid reviews. That along with the multiple accolades she won throughout 2018 put the much needed respect on her name. Most major festivals around the world would book her based on that alone. Plus, a festival is going to promote their event harder than an established independent artist.
  12. I find most Janet fans online involved in these discussions aren't being realistic and have too many grand ideas or expectations of what "she needs to do". It seems the only method of success that these same fans find acceptable are her charting high on national charts and performing to sold out arenas for multiple nights. Having Janet do any shows in Europe is a win, especially festivals. New music doesn't guarantee anything, nor does a collaboration guarantee that 8,000 people are suddenly going to buy tickets to an arena show. It seems like some are more concerned with bragging rights or that it validates Janet's legacy. All of us need to come down. Her touring history isn't perfect, but these conversations are old and tired. At least she's doing two major festivals. Take what you can and get over it. We have no control over anything else.
  13. Keep doing festivals, that way the promotion is already there and a bigger audience outside of Janet fans will be exposed to her. Forget about the expectation of traditional promo and album releases, it's a new time and we can speculate on what she should or could do forever, but she's proven herself to be a solid draw at festivals and it's a win win for everyone. New music isn't going to guarantee seats sold. It would be nice, but doing festivals and residencies here and there also keeps her from having to do hundreds of shows. She's not going to keep doing major tours for the next ten years, she also needs time to enjoy life outside of work and raise her child.
  14. Awesome. It would have been nice to meet you. See you in September then! Working on a fan meet up before the show.
  15. I cannot stop watching The Knowledge performance. All of the choreography is giving me what I need! Tears of pure joy!
  16. Eww, this isn't the fucking Beyhive forums. Let that shit go.
  17. I'm pretty sure Janet, Solange, Missy, and Katy Perry were hanging out backstage at FYF Festival in 2017. Missy alluded to this.
  18. Tiger Woods, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland are in the audience tonight.Tiger Woods went on stage and said very nice things about Janet, stanning and praising ha.
  19. As fans and human beings, we need to learn to accept what's happening and let go of what didn't happen or should happen. We have the residency for now, enjoy it!
  20. It's been reported that vinyl is the only physical format to increase in sales over the last few years. I'm seeing them more than CDs now.
  21. Good morning, I'm going to post a video blog this week, but will share some highlights from opening night.* A fan I met in Lafayette had two extra tickets and gave them to Marlene and I. So we both were in 205 Row A and moved up to 103 third row!!! So grateful!!!* I GOT TO MEET - I shook hands with Yvette Nicole Brown, Austin Brown, brother Randy, Gabrielle Union, Jimmy Jam with family, Cookie & Magic Johnson, Gil, Joey Harris, James, Guero, Alex, Laurel, and Denzel. I said hello to Paulette and Queen Latifah. THE SETLIST* GAGGING!!!!!! She finally did Empty, China Love, and Moist. How did this happen? I feel like the team watches those poll threads. I thanked Gil a ton because it's refreshing and we were genuinely in shock.* MADE FOR NOW - On Sat 5/11, I sang this song at a Caribbean LGBT festival that I helped organize. 6 days later I'm doing the dance routine in the aisle and Janet points at me twice, blows me a kiss, and laughs with me. A dream
  22. I'm flying to Los Angeles tomorrow and driving to Las Vegas the day of the show. I'll be at the pre-show party, opening night, and Janet's after party. See ya there!
  23. So far I've gotten opening night and I'm considering second night.
  24. Tom Joyner show is today, the final SOTW show.
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