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  1. ET: JD Puts Rekindled Relationship Rumors to Rest

    I spit out my drink when I read Johnny Gill. Janet is not looking to be rubbed the right way baby that ginger snap.
  2. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    I would do the whole Would You Mind routine on that dick And some of y'all are tripping...passing on Mechad Brooks and Omari Hardwick....da fuq... Anywho... Laverne Cox
  3. My Little Theory....

    At this point I would be more inclined to believe that Bruno Mars will bring her out during the Grammys but even that is a reach seeing that she doesn't fuck with the Grammys either. Janet is back in hiding and you hoes will have to deal.
  4. First of all let me apologize for my delayed response and for my comments concerning Christina Aguilera And Bruno Mars. Now let me get straight to it...I have an enormous lack of respect for everything Justin Timberlake has achieved in his life and career...what I said in that Man of The Woods thread was not an attack on other artist at all I was just pointing out how it could be viewed as hypocritical. So Game Back off.....for those of us who support Janet, we are tired of these threads and posts where you are defending a man who had a hand in destroying her career. An apology DOES NOT TRANSLATE to any real Justice for Janet. #RealTalk for a second, we all know what would have happened to Justin if he was my skin complexion. And Let me make something abundantly clear to all of you...I am creole born but don't get that Baby! Kiss From A Rose stuff twisted...I have scars on my face , my blood is from Africa and I am as black as you will ever be. Next, Game don't ever use me as a pawn in defending Justin ever again. Keep my name out of your post and do not requote anything I have to say here. YOU LIVE IN THE SUNKEN PLACE when it comes to that filthy bastard. Fin.
  5. Chile... Let's just hope that Janet doesn't go back into hiding in 2018. She should use this momentum and new interest in her. I doubt it though.
  6. Oprah is not cut out for politics. She is not running for president, if anything she is garnering attention and using this momentum for you sheeple to tune into her tired ass network. I like Oprah but no! Not gonna happen.
  7. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Hell to the naw. Ew...Seacrest Out neva In..okay! Dwayne The Rock Johnson
  8. ET: JD Puts Rekindled Relationship Rumors to Rest

    JD can't say anything until that divorce bag is secure. Duh!
  9. **The official SMASH or PASS thread **

    Pass.... he probably don't wash his balls. Michael B. Jordan
  10. So you're basically saying that Justin Timberlake should just go ahead and change the name of the album to 'Man of the Suicide Forest' and have his next video feature Logan Paul because it couldn't possibly get any worse right... chile At this point I need Justin to don a green hoodie that reads 'Coolest tool in the tool box' and go sit down somewhere.
  11. Ouch! I remember hearing he had a new movie but didn't know it was with Woody Allen. *sigh* #Cancelled
  12. So I heard that Justin is now getting dragged for wearing a #TimesUp pin but worked with Woody Allen in the past or is going to work with the problematic director and when asked about working with him he said something like he 'i don't get into all of that'...is this true Game

    Mary is black .
  14. Just to be clear...I was playing devil's advocate when I brought up Christina and Bruno and just because you don't see it people are talking about Bruno Mars being a culture vulture and Christina name is brought up when it comes to the discussion of Blue Eyed soul and them being more popular than R&B acts. But I digress... Justin...like the ones that was previously stated...is problematic. I don't have a dog in this fight, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy. If you don't like Justin for what Janet allowed him to do on that stage...then fine but that appropriation shit is for the birds if you Stan for artist who do the same thing.
  15. Besides the Alma awards who clearly made up that award to use that white woman for views and clicks....all of them other publications just regurgitate that title because her management told them that's how she likes to be introduced...kinda like MJ and the King of Pop and Mary and her Queen of Hip Hop soul...only they earned those titles...Christina is a generic pop act who is as confused as her nationality as she is the genre of music she wants to do. She might have been in the running to be the voice of a her generation but now her voice sounds exactly like that plastic surgery she recently had...A MESS! #HarpoWhoDisWoman You may not see her as a cultural vulture but she swagger jacked Mariah and Pink at some point in her short lived career.