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  1. You care to much darling. Lower your expectations or don't have any. You want me to send you one of Janets generic inspirational quotes?
  2. All For You was a strong album...but the order of the songs is homophobic
  3. I've always said that Alanis was a Janet stan. She was one of few A list artist that went to bat for Janet when she was being dragged for the Superbowl ..love her.
  4. And yall gonna stop coming for Janet Vanzant and her inspirational fluff post. If anything that gives you an idea of what kinda space she is in...that new album will be full of songs like Black Eagle and you hoes will deal.
  5. I'm not frustrated...i really don't care. The whole legacy being in jeopardy is bullshit...Taraji P Henson just appreciated Janet out of the blue and called her the queen of lewks. Her legacy will be fine. Mariah is working with Roc Nation now so of course they got her outchea promoting that stale book of old tea.
  6. Janet is a recluse and frankly I'm over it. Let sis do her...hell I got my own problems. I will say when you have EVERYTHING you wanted at your finger tips at such a young age, that passion and drive is not the same as others who had to struggle. I don't even think its her team...its definitely her. Ole scary ass. That humble shit don't work in 2020 sis...take action or be left behind. And I'm done
  7. Unbreakable was a return to form but let's not get carried de fuq away. As a project...TVR is next level. Imma keep saying this but sis sampled The Exorcist. A black pop artist sampling such a dark twisted demonic movie back in 97 was unhead of. But yall don't hear me.
  8. Visually stunning....song is trash tho.
  9. I'm actually doing much better. First week was a struggle but I pushed myself and now a bitch is walking around the neighborhood, breathing under control...hell I'm even out in these streets again...social distancing and wearing a mask of course. I'm even gaining weight...now I'm somewhere between All For You and Damita Jo...its cute for now. I'm making it work lol. Thank you for asking. When I was in the hospital I made a choice one night that I was gonna fight this shit, so the doctors and nurses came in the next day and a bitch was sitting up in a chair without the breathing machine and they knew I wasn't playing. They released my ass the same week. The voodoo spirit is to strong honey. I'm glad you got tested. I made everyone I know go get tested. It's sad that these numbers continue to spike. They just don't know.
  10. Yes chile. It was tricky because I have bad allergies around this time...so it started off with me just coughing a lot in the middle of May. I would pop a Claritin and things would be better. Had no fever or anything. Towards the end of May, the coughing got a little more aggressive (so I thought I might be sick)...and I started getting chills and a slight headache...I was like okay...I'm getting tested tomorrow...( I had to jump through all these fucking hoops just to get a test....that pissed me off)...anywho, they swabbed my mouth and told me I'd get the results in 5 days....so I tried to be patient and wait but by that 3rd day....she was on my ass, muscles were weak af, could barely get air in my lungs...that was Sunday the end of May I believe...told my friend to call the sirens...its an emergency. I literally just got out yesterday lol. It's crazy because they had a feeding tube down my throat, so I was knocked out most of the time when I first got there and finally when I'm coherent...I see all these Black men still being killed by police, people rioting, looting, chaos....I almost told them to put me back under. Da fuq going on out chea. Smh
  11. As someone who JUST got out of the hospital from battling Covid and her respiratory demons for almost a month.....fuck a tour! I'm here to tell you, take this shit seriously. Its already getting worse. And don't take breathing for granted ever again. I can barely walk to the kitchen without getting winded....I was 6'1, 175-180.....now I'm 6'1 140...shit ain't cute yall. Worse part is that I have an appetite BUT my taste buds are fucked because of the medicine I'm on. #miserable A bitch really want a lemon pepper wing. But seriously.... Stay safe!
  12. My fav Erykah Badu sending a Birthday shout out to my other fav via a WHOLE Instagram post.... MADE MY YEAR!!!!! I knew these hoes were besties....they probably share clothes. #WeirdBlackGirlsMatter #Period
  13. Got Til It's Gone.... as a germaphobe....imagine my horror of not being able to find Hand Sanitizer. I was the Purell Queen in these streets. Times are lost. A wicked wicked world out there.
  14. Janet needs to be like the Fast and The Furious and postpone everything until next year...we want the maximum coins. Y'all will have to wait...shit
  15. Listen! You are lying to yourself if you think Ms. Corona ain't put a Damper in Damitas plans. It's real outchea
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