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  1. 1. You're not selfish for wanting to enjoy music from your fav. 2. Janet isn't any of those other artists who I dont think has had a huge reception necessarily anyway. 3. If you view the Black Diamond era as a project, its not any different from a ton of projects both musical and motion picture that have been pushed back. 4. Janet's role, or principal in the business is to entertain, she can address the fans, or she could say stay safe and thank the healthcare workers as she has done. In this case it's best to not speak, let the situation handle the PR itself, Janet's been on the camera side saying "sorry u guys" enough Aint a good look sis 5. IMO, I am still very grateful that Black Diamond did not roll out beyond a title, she can save her album and tour ideas for a time when she can maximize her exposure and return on reception/development/production/distribution. .....in conclusion you're not selfish, but we ALL gone wait also Janet has a child to care for, which is her first priority!!
  2. started "Killing Eve" from the BBC, it's a cat and mouse game of a government agent chasing a female assassin.
  3. it's all about bragging numbers, its like the fan bases of these women are insecure you don't see fans of Tupac music trying to get him to number one while the Biggie fans steam about the shit Janet's legacy is cemented, she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone she hasn't already and a number 1 on iTunes, while cute, is so unimportant. I'd rather hear they cast at least one actress to portray Janet during her childhood for her as yet untitled biopic
  4. because I already bought RN the cassette at least 3 times, the CD twice, and the vinyl record, let's not get into singles. I'm a loooongggg time fan, so my seniority goes back can you even play cassettes? I mean how challenging would it be to play my RN cassette? that would be a better birthday present, "Did ya'll see on Twitter all those Janet fans playing RN on cassette tapes?" chile they love her "what do they mean side a?"
  5. they sold around 1000 copies to get that number 1, as Janet fans we need to do better and look less pressed BUT I'm not a hater so if you want a number 1 on Itunes, go get it
  6. #BlackAF on Netflix, it's a satire on being Black with money in Hollywood, but they are entertaining as hell
  7. couldn't we do one of her favorite charities? I've bought all her albums, some several times
  8. I dont know, the whole point is to see that act LIVE in person, the whole point is to hear the band in person, it feels like they may as well stream it to my tv
  9. I flat the hell out lie, I'm 34 ageism is a thing, its real
  10. and this is how I feel. EXACTLY how I feel. As a gay man, you may be able to relate to the ageism though, because women get it too. The ageism in the gay community is insane, Ive seen guys in their 40s demanding no one over 35 and YES!!! its weird that guys in their 20s hit on me and things happen. I know a dude that just turned 30 and I made him give me his license and he was born in March 1990, I was thinking Janet Jackson had "Escapade" out and you were shitting in yo diapers
  11. do you tell your age? the actual number? I dont feel my age so much as I can say I have seen a lot and learned somethings, and Ive also NOT seen a lot and have a ton to learn too
  12. more news media is reporting this project is in its beginning stages, so with that said, I support Janet and really hope its something she is proud of
  13. I believe a new comer would go over the best, anyone else will just be compared IMO
  14. she loved that man, spent 8 years together, he was there during the SB, MJ passing, during the Virgin albums to fill her contract
  15. give me the story behind why the skin game is still around specific to her reasons. All the relationships and divorces, sorry boo, someone has beans, so spill em industry politics and games, oh and spill all the relevant tea on any chick or dude that you had negative or positive with. AKA let me spell it out, Prince? Madonna? etc.
  16. that could work, it may be distracting though, depending on how long they spend in each time period. Still a challenge IMO to find someone that could play Janet
  17. Ive thought about this for years, and let me start with some points IMO: 1. Janet's story aint over, so even now a biopic would be kinda premature, my only reservation I dont want her story NOT told because no one's interested, and that's all timing. Lena Horne who? To this generation of kids out here. 2. I dont see a single female that would play Janet convincingly, through all the different eras, different looks, and "size" one of the hallmarks of Janet's "brand" has always been her looks, which is why Janet when acting has its issues because kinda hard not to see her and think JANET. 3. Depends on the script. If you can pull off another "What's Love Got to Do With It" I would be in, that movie was well produced. 4. I'd rather Janet do her memoirs or autobiography, she tends to be more candid in print. If a biopic were green lit, I wonder how much more would she be willing to tell? I mean if we hear about the key to the animal cages, or not keeping a journal so my songs are my journal, I will scream in the theater "stop" run up in front of the movie screen and scream "Give me a beat!" *thinking about Voodoo*
  18. let's be real here, you add the name Janet in and that ish get views. JD has every chance to say, hey I wont talk about that nor her so don't ask.
  19. for a billionaire I would do a lot of things too just saying
  20. when Janet said she cut rehearsals in half, that's when we should have known, she wont be coming like dat, although at least on the BB awards she gave us the full "If" breakdown, I mean we hadn't seen her use her arms for that since what? "Rock Witchu"
  21. she has to save her energy for raising her son, I'm sure both parents are looking for the other to slip up and back to court we go because ohh she tired from doing all that on stage baby aint being attended to. I completely understand Janet's pulling back, and she still has that energy we saw that on the BB awards, she can get it there, but she has to be mindful of balance. Working moms that's the entire story, I wouldn't put age on her just yet
  22. I dont think anyone could have imagined a year, this insane. Folks came in celebrating the "roaring 20's" and all, look at this shit now I read on FB someone said did you unplug it wait a few seconds and plug it back in? Referring to the year 2020.
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