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    Music and Food, lol.
  1. kawaiiderpz

    What's Your Favorite Tour Opening/Intro..?!

    I'll give a slight nod to the janet. tour opening cuz of the outfit (I love it lol) but... I have to give it to the AFY tour opening because the opening curtain, the Janet stare, the descending pillars, and the usage of "Come on Get Up" as the song intro is just EVERYTHING.
  2. kawaiiderpz

    Janet pic from VMA's 1995

    She looked great there! Short hair, pervert shirt, and all
  3. kawaiiderpz

    Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You

    !!! I agree lol. I could barely hear it well and from what I heard, I wasnt really interested. Now I'm just pressed over here knowing Gil has a whole lotta unreleased shit.
  4. kawaiiderpz

    Janet Jackson's new song samples Jodeci's Freeki'N You

    Yeah I'm not feeling that song Gil had in his IG live (based on that video) lol.
  5. kawaiiderpz

    Post When You Hear a Janet Song on the Radio

    Heard Escapade in the store. Funnily enough, there was a girl singing along to it as well.
  6. This was really cute! They really covered a lot of ground in her career!
  7. kawaiiderpz

    Who is checking for Jay-Z 4:44 Project?

    I've never listened to Jay-Z actually, but with all this hype I'm just here wondering, "where should I start" to understand him (artist-wise) so then I can better understand this album.
  8. kawaiiderpz

    What TV Shows Are You Into Now?

    I always watch "The Amazing World of Gumball" and any form of Law&Order (orig/SVU/CI) whenever it comes on these days