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  1. Everyone is a closeted Janet fan. They wont let go of the 80s like Michael so we just bask in Janhovas great works from the 80s, 90s and early 00s. *hair flip gif*
  2. Their shade is horrible. Sh*t isnt even funny anymore. Id rather write their Janet shade because at least it'd be funny. Continuing to say "whisper queen" is pathetic. They think the shade fresh and they all hype like they got a KIII Then i go ... Then I just throw that shade right back then they get mad....
  3. For the record I dont hate Janet Jackson's sister Michael however I have always found her to be extra and musically overrated. I will say that. I try to let people know as much as Janet is a queen of my musical heart that shes not the only one and I dont give my opinions on MJ based on any bias. Thats how I feel being a fan of Janet or not but those girls never wanna hear it. They believe every opinion you may have for any entertainer is you comparing them to Janet. I no longer go back and forth with people who dont know Janet beyond TTWLG and AFY. They know nothing of her discography and they cant look past Thriller and the Bad album to actually think that another artist with the last name Jackson could create beautiful music and make history and set the bar. I just be like .....
  4. This album is so great. Why am I just really realizing it? I am going off to Island Life as I type. That shoulda been a singles choice. Moist SloLove I Want You Damita Jo Thinkin Bout My Ex Truly All Nite CHILE ALL BANGERS. I JUST....The singles choices were all over the place tho. I can see All Nite Just Slay but she needed to release Moist. I dont care...Multiple children would have been conceived. But lets be real....With the Superbowl and her Iconic titty incident people were gonna try and pay her dust.
  5. 20 Y.O. turned into 20 HELL NO. I only love the era because of the Myspace videos, the 20 Y.O. DVD with her making the video and photoshoots on it. The era gave us behind the scenes Janet and I love that. But there are some great songs on the album 1. Enjoy: I love the song lyrically. The message is great. If you wanna find the paradise Do it now never too late to try Lose your inhibitions Let your inspiration set you free And just enjoy and celebrate Enjoy the love we make Enjoy, appreciate Enjoy Just keep on doing it 'Til my hearts content And enjoy when someone smiles Enjoy 2. This Body: I like it. The beat knocks and its classic I will turn you out Janet. Now we're at your home Lead the way to your room What you're lookin' for Is right on page 52 You see what you like Reading bout what I like When I'm all alone in the zone with a man You'll go crazy when you see me see me Start shakin' and movin' all around Start shakin' and movin' all around 3. With U: A beautiful love song that kinda gave us insight to her and Jiminy Crickets relationship Strangely I feel a connection with you babe Oddly enough I crave for it to remain purely More authentic than I've been used to Surely this can't be something that's taboo cause you Got it like I like it and I feel the need to say Baby it's forever and I really mean to Make you feel as special as I see you baby Never have I ever been around someone Who makes life so free and life so fun And as crazy as it may sound, I ain't joking baby 4. Show Me: Its cute. Thats really all I can say. Show me How bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Whoa oh whoa show me How bad do you need it? Cause actions speak louder than words 5. ALL OF THE INTERLUDES ESPECIALLY INTERLUDE 2. Janhova's harmonies on that...YASSSSS 6. Call on Me: Great vocal from her. Nelly? For what tho? She coulda did better with picking a rapper. Did we not see him call her album the Velvet Robes? LMFAOOO In all the album was a let down. Id give it a 5 out of 10 and thats being nice. I think she just let other people kind of take control with this one. Like she did with 2008's Punishment album.
  6. I hate to be negative but Janet has gotten the shaft not only from the media but her own family. LaToyota is jealous of her.
  7. LaToyota was trying it. She like the rest of that family dont acknowledge Janets success.
  8. And Friday when i was on my way to work here Janhova is on the radio..... WHEN I THINK OF SLAY was playing. It got me so together. i praise danced in my front seat.
  9. Hopefully its a private party and we all know Janhova gets PAID. Honestly i want the queen to be great again. Whatever happened to the Pleasure Principle line, blackglama line or her documentary? The queen is doing what she wants and ignoring us lmao
  10. So Janet was the first good looking woman to pull men up on stage.
  11. We have a special neeeeeeed to feel that we belong, come with me inside.....Inside my velvet rope. Its like shes Jesus or something. Its crazy how great Janet's music is. Without a beat or her harmonies those lyrics would still get at you. She doesn't need elaborate videos to suffice a spark her music lacks because its there. In the words she's written.
  12. The Damita Jo album...Well I really didnt get into this album at first. I had Moist and Thinkin Bout my Ex and that was it. I gravitated towards those first but she does have hidden gems. Island Life and SloLove are my favorites. My Baby is my least favorite. Damita Jo the song is pretty good.
  13. Now at first I thought this album was put together full of random tracks. I dont know why but since Ive changed my mind. Its cohesive. Love and still she kept that social awareness on there. New Agenda is lyrically great. My least favorite is Where Are You Now but im learning to like it the more I play it.
  14. This album is....so great. I mean lyrically. Empty went over my head when I first heard it. All of the songs on this album were deep. I still havent heard any album like this one. Who you know could pull out domestic violence on a song and perform it like that? Someone who lived it? Anything still stands as one of the most beautiful songs ever. JAN. HOVA. TAKES. ME. THERE.
  15. I think Janet just went along with everything around the time of the Punishment album. Ya know music wise. Its believed that La Reid had alot to do with why it wasnt promoted but it is what it is. I miss hearing her in her music...Punishment seemed so detached from Janet. Feedback and Rock With U are good songs but the rest? Eh. I think thats her least favorite album.
  16. Well one day back in 2009 I was watching tv....just wasting away at life. Then I saw her..standing 6 feet tall looking like the greatest bottom..Her name was Tyler Perry and next to her was this gorgeous pretty brown woman with this jeri curl weave down her back and her titties sitting HIGH...about 5'5...brown eyes, ONE LAZY...thick waisted with thin edges...I said WHO IS THIS WOMAN? IS SHE NEW? Then I came to realize it was Janhova...She had returned and was back to slay us..in THEE'ATERS. The commercial for Why Did I Get Married Too helped me find the Queen I had needed in my life all this time. I soon connected with others who had studied her gospels. After months of training myself to be Janhova's solider I stumbled upon this site. It seems nice here. I think I'll stay.
  17. I hear Janet all the time. When I Think of You last week, Rhythm Nation a couple mornings and Thats the Way Slay Goes when I get off. AND I GO AWF
  18. 2nite Rock With U was horribly underrated. Let Me Know This Body MOIST <<< I could play that everyday. Janet serves some of Sade to me Enjoy <<< Great lyrics
  19. AND JANHOVA SAID TO THEM: I know that it's not been easy Trying to make it in this crazy world People 'round you try to stop you Stomp you saying that you don't belong You must remember that We were born with blood of kings and queens And can't be stopped Stay stronger my sister you can't be stopped No, you can't be stopped
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