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  1. What the hell are you talking about? That second comment makes no sense Girl. u are always pressed by me. So much so that u follow and read every post of mine on this board, and always have to say some "ur mental" jab. Honey, the only mental person out of the two of us is u. Whenever someone disagrees with u, u go on the attack, and stalk them in every thread, and get obsessed with them, which is why u were banned from J/X. Otherwise, no one talks to u. And I never talk to u. Why would I talk to u. I don't even like u. I only respond to your constant personal attacks, constant harassment. Otherwise, i would never bother with u As for this third comment "about getting negatives". WTF are u even on about? have u had ur medication for the day. U just -1'd me. I didn't say a word about it. What planet is your god-damn head operating on u psycho And yes, I noticed that you edited this post too. Now u trying to be cute, and impress everyone with your essay no1curr gurlbye
  2. ki @ someone hating on anyone who is either a) successful; or b/ good looking and attractive its a trend with this person its all becoming clear now (if it wasnt already.. this what i thought yonks ago)
  3. she looks so good but it's not as good as Mariah's campaign
  4. I cannot read all that shit. I skimmed it. and even then, it was still too much for the head and eyes. noticed some great poibts tho I still cant believe Girls wasnt a smash. It's my fav song. WHO RUN THE WORLD!!
  5. lawd did u calling him chubs give u a self-esteem boost ...put others down, to fill us up
  6. why? im sure everyone was glad coz that dick was holding everyone up!
  7. Just A Little While shouldnt be shaded I'd take Make Me from that list
  8. not to mention that this thread is so god-damn stupid If anything, it should be about Paris, and how she is starting her acting career not some mis-perceived shade
  9. God, u really need to get over it ur head doesnt work properly if anything, they were complimenting him "prince" is also a term of affection i noticed Paris adopting Beyonce's "I Was Here" sentiments #Beyoncereignsallover
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