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Stevie J Arrested For Owing over 1 Million dollars in CHILD SUPPORT


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According to TMZ, Stevie J just learned the hard way that failing to financially provide for your children could get you thrown in jail.

Despite the big house he lives in on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and the flashy car keys he throws at folks on the show, the songwriter and producer has failed to pay child support for two of his children, which he had with ex-girlfriend Carol Antoinette Bennett, and reportedly stopped paying to support them in 2001. The child support asked of him for those two children started at $6,600 in 1999, an eventually increased to $8,500. After all these years of forgoing what he owes, Stevie J’s back child support bill is at $1,107, 412.


TMZ has obtained video of the reality star getting picked up by police and taken to jail in Georgia. He will face criminal charges in NYC for not paying what he owes.

We have been keeping up with this story since last year. We recently told you that Project Child Support has been helping Bennett by subpoenaing people in the singer’s life, including Joseline Hernandez, to get info on his finances and more, as he has failed to show up to hearings at Family Court in NYC. Mimi Faust has also said to us in an exclusive interview that Stevie J does not help her with their daughter, Eva.

When speaking on his child support issues, Stevie J seemed to be in denial that there was an issue:

“I’ve just been seeing a lot in the press. I didn’t know I had an issue.

We were in Philly just hanging out with my kids. I had a show in Philly. We chillin’, we at the mall with the kids. Me, wife, even baby momma was there, Ms. Bennett. But you know, it’s all good. But then I see I owe a million and some change!

It’s like everybody want their day in the sun, everybody wants to be hot. I talk to my kids every day on Facetime, and I see ‘em and I’m like, ‘What’s going on Superstar?’ ‘Ain’t nothin, everything good.’ Everything’s good? What’s this then? Everybody got their motives, you never know what’s on people’s minds.”

Clearly he was faking the funk…

Check out the exclusive video from TMZ of Stevie J being taken by the authorities below:


See more at: http://madamenoire.com/437234/ish-just-got-mad-real-stevie-j-arrested-owing-1-million-child-support/#sthash.NfpQECuR.dpuf-'>http://madamenoire.com/437234/ish-just-got-mad-real-stevie-j-arrested-owing-1-million-child-support/#sthash.NfpQECuR.dpuf- See more at: http://madamenoire.com/437234/ish-just-got-mad-real-stevie-j-arrested-owing-1-million-child-support/#sthash.NfpQECuR.dpuf

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^^I'm surprised there's not a pic of himself on his wikipedia page. He "rose to fame" again through Love & Hip Hop Atl, I think it's Vh1's highest rated show... but anyhoo, yes he was pretty successful back then, but hadn't had any hits in awhile..

I also heard is he rents the mansion he recently moved into on Love & Hip Hop, not owns.

Maybe he should ask Mimi to record and release a sex tape with him, to earn some extra coins he's needing... <_<

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