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The 94 Little Rascals 20th Anniversary reunion photoshoot


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LOL I KNOW!!! I noticed that when I was doing my marathon lol. He's the only 1 of them still doing the hollywood thing, and has a pretty respectable career with it, I mean he's not starring in Billion dollar movies but his credits are nice, he's working every year, bam!


It took me a while to figure it out but then I clocked on :lmao:!


What episode????? :umm:


Season 7 Episode 8 - Charmed Noir


Wait I know who you're thinking of, detective/FBI in season 7. That's not him but he's hot and shoulda stuck around longer.


You're thinking of that dude from Dawsons Creek - it's not him lol. 


It's credited as him on his IMDB page & Wikipedia, Eddie Mullen, 1 episode, season 7


Yup that's the one. Episode 8. 

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