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listen to: Rihanna Feat. Britney Spears S&M (remix)

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something bad but not THIS BAD. They took it to a whole new lvl :mellow: hell even Khia managed to sound decent on SEX :mellow:

It's exactly what I expected. Dumb, trashy, and awfully sung. :lol:

Honestly, I thought this was just a rumor..Britney doesn't add anything to the song at all..I guess the hype of it.

They should've done a new song together.

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Britney Jean. :excited::lmao:

There is something really disturbing about that. She can't pull it off.

But its so rude. Not even Janet would be that rude to her master, she always has a vulnerablity about her, even in 'Discipline'. It's like if Janet said 'Yes I will' instead of 'Would you mind'. Atleast Janet is polite to her master.

The song was awful in the first place.

Why are all the current ones got really annoying voices.

Rihanna sounds like a fog horn.

Britney sounds like a cat being attacked.

Beyonce shouts.

Gaga sounds like the dog attacking Britney.

Kelly Rowland sounds like a man whose had a sex change and is still in the process of getting her voice altered.

Is there any big female from the last ten years that actually has a nice smooth soft but powerful FEMININE voice.

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