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  1. The Velvet Rope vs. Unbreakable You vs. BURNITUP! Got Til It’s Gone vs Dammn Baby My Need vs. the Great Forever Go Deep vs. Shoulda Known Better Free Xone vs. After You Fall Together Again vs Broken Hearts Heal Empty vs. Night What About vs No Sleeep Everytime vs Dream Maker/Euphoria Tonight’s the Night vs 2 B Loved--Janet sounds so CONVINCING singing to another woman. I Get Lonely vs Take Me Away Rope Burn vs Lessons Learned Anything vs Black Eagle----THIS WAS HARD. Special vs Well Traveled Cant Be Stopped vs Gon B A
  2. I LOVE THAT SONG. I wanna say it's her best written song. I love the message, the production, her voice. Beautiful soul I haven't met A spiritual connection I'll never forget Your precious light incredible Sharing his love that is meant for us all Come out of shadows into the light Be free to imagine the future you'd like Soaring above all of your boundaries Yes the day will come A SONGWRITER. A POET.
  3. I did too.. I was gonna do one myself, but too lazy to do it.
  4. hotboy06


    Thanks for letting us know. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm happy that he is no longer in pain and is at peace. It sucks that I never knew him personally, but we connected thru Janet(like most of us on here).
  5. Now I know you aint' talking about asking something and expecting a quick response.
  6. I think the ICON that is Carly Corinthos is still on General Hospital.
  7. Also, I need to know who had the most entries as an artist... Someone said Janet is in an elite group with three albums on the list..
  8. "Control" walking in like a boss without being on the original list..
  9. And "Control" wasn't originally on the list and came in like a wrecking ball. We love to see such a monumental album get it's due.
  10. It's been rampant as of late. I don't agree with coming for her because you lack the ignorance to see her contributions to music. Shit her own "fans" be doing the same thing. Also, Janet is silent and inactive. So that's that on that.
  11. The Chi. Good so far. On season 1, bout to hit up Season 2.
  12. Black and Blue Grade: A- Kept me entertained and Naomie Harris was great in it.
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