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  1. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    did I not tell u the kick tf back..? I wasn't tryin to debate anything with u and I let it be known.. consider yourself belittled if you damn well please bruh idgaf
    where tf did u come from..? 👀 
    go back into ur safe space if u can't handle words typed on the internet..
    just so you're aware, I don't think I nor Game said that people must believe (or not) anything we said.. secondly (and I'm dumbfounded as to why this bares repeating), all y'all got you're thongs in a bunch cuz I asked Norm a simple side query into some verbiage he chose.. that's it 🤷🏻‍♂️  
    and to be clear, I called nobody dumb, merely some bad ideas (read my thoughts again if you missed that, unless you're going to get all in your emotions again, then don't)..
    y'all are too much 🙃😂
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  2. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    all of this above ☝🏼 = 💯
    when I disagree with you, I legit disagree with you..
    but when you're good, you're good... 
    dude idk why you're even wanting to discuss anything.. whatever tangent you're attempting to take people on came out the blue.. you're gonna try and say that it was me who started shit, but ya dead wrong there too.. I simply asked Norm a side question posed to him and only him.. he responded, it was done.. but then you tryna say that since we're all Janet fans then we should agree and support everything she does (including her religion..??) like she's a cult leader and we all drank the kool-aid.. nope, that's just dumb.. I also know that there isn't an invisible sky pervert watching everything everyone does, but if you and others (and Janet) choose to believe that for your own lives, then more power to you...everyone is entitled to have their own dumb ideas.. Janet also likes dick, I don't.. should I feel bad about that too..? 👋🏼 
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  3. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    to be clear I wasn't offended by any of that.. I simply wondered why you chose the language you did in describing the topic at hand ("blessed"), when I already know you and I are on the same anti-theist plane.. all good tho
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  4. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    and my post wasn't specific to you... Kick. Back. 
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  5. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    I get it, I do.. I just simply don't view anything as a "Gawdess/Godess/God/Gawd/etc".. in the context of you viewing Janet as one/all of those things, it makes sense.. and I get the whole "omg" thing, everybody says that and it don't mean shit 😌 
    Kick back bruh I didn't quote you 😬
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  6. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    quick observation side note: for someone who says God is equal to "Santa for adults" (and I concur), you sure toss out the word "blessing" quite readily.. you're prolly using it in a facetious manner tho, so that'd make sense..
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  7. Dal added a post in a topic New Pictures: Janet with Eissa   

    For a split second she was covering Eissa's face from the cameras, until Joey stepped in front. Due to the amount of photogs it seems like this was in LA, she had to have known she'd be spotted and photographed.. I wonder what she was doing just walking down a sidewalk 🤔
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  8. Dal added a post in a topic Mama J's new hobby   

    What a grandma 👵🏾
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  9. Dal added a topic in All About Janet   

  10. Dal added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    I mean we can list song after song of different vocal "highlights," but if we're allowed only a single track to submit as her best vocal performance, for me, it'd have to be Unbreakable... with GBA as a close runner-up, but def Unbreakable is her best vocal perf on the album imo..
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  11. Dal added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    Imo Unbreakable (the song) is most likely her best vocal performance on that album, mainly solely due to her ad-libs, alone!
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  12. Dal added a post in a topic Referral for Janet Front Row   

    If they had his contest before the Austin show, then we ALL prolly woulda won front row seats there! Haha buuurn 🔥 
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  13. Dal added a post in a topic New Janet/Jimmy/Terry Documentary..?!   

    it's not imo
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  14. Dal added a post in a topic Referral for Janet Front Row   

    no its eleventy...
    keep up Norman!
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  15. Dal added a post in a topic Referral for Janet Front Row   

    Fkn great idea...
    Just clicked on your link!
    Here's mine: https://wn.nr/6JCUWv
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