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  1. You can say the same thing about Number Ones Tour/Rock Witchu and Unbreakable/State of the World tho?
  2. Since CDs & Cassette Tapes are barely a thing, what do you feel is most relevant in the streaming era? B-Side, Hidden Track, Unreleased, or Bonus Track?
  3. She has the connects to record a music video. She can do a virtual interview anywhere or host an online listening party for fans so I really don't understand the hold up. As long as the album is #1 is the rest really a big deal?
  4. I'm gucci with the album debuting at #1 and a #1 single on the hot 100
  5. Eh.... if he had people of color vote so much then he wouldn't of lost. It took 5 days because more people who usually don't vote, finally decided to get off their ass this year to get rid of him. Also due to the pandemic, more people than usual did mail in voting, which takes longer to count.
  6. Blow The Whistle Can't Hold us Never Leave You One Dance The Next Episode Don't know what the indian sounding track is, it might just be a continuation of Macklemore
  7. Discipline is definitely the better for the Trilogy and you all will deal
  8. Kanye west doesnt speak for us chile lol
  9. Other than her makeup artist being a hot mess it was cute
  10. Does Janet even run her own account half the time
  11. My friend let me use his password. A whole mini documentary about janet is on there in HD
  12. All Nite. I still play it at gay clubs during my Caribbean set
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