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  1. msboz added a post in a topic Janet New Tweet 11-19-16   

    lol girl you being extra ! Calm yo titties! 
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  2. msboz added a post in a topic Janet New Tweet 11-19-16   

    Well no one is saying it cuz it's always been controversial and since I haven't posted in forever. So yeah, I'll mention it. Sounds like She had converted to Islam. I never had anything against it. She's still the same person. Just mature like fine wine with a new and improved outlook on her inner spiritual self 
    but anyways I hope she queefs out the next fierce coming of allah soon and maybe hopefully next year she give us some new music.  Can't too see her jbaby  
    Oh. And haaaaay kweens 💅🐩💨
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  3. msboz added a post in a topic Janet has been spotted and very pregnant! :shifty:   

    Love it.  And yes all is forgiven now haha. Let's hope she delivers on nov 14 and pops out one fierce sassy gorgeous boy.   I wanna pat her belly! 
    wonder if  Tony has his calendar booked out to help with the post baby weight 
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  4. msboz added a post in a topic My throwback TTWLG video   

  5. msboz added a post in a topic My throwback TTWLG video   

    No not everyone on here does 
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  6. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    Rwu tour was also poorly handled mess but no doubt her hugest elaborate spectacle to date and yes the way it was cut short was nothing but tragic and unfortunate. . According to receipts rwu grossed 11.7 million which is 13 million in 2016 dollars.  16 shows performed. Unbreakable grossed 15 million with 37 shows    Also the most of the shows were in smaller capacity venues. Plus the show was really cutdown in comparison to rwu, and all her other tours except number ones. Unbreakable was pretty much a rehash of number ones but with some new material and number ones was primarily was a scaled down version of Rwu.   It's like she keeps doing the less amount of work in her shows and her success gets rocky. Which is obvious.  Also rwu cost so much money to put together but 11.7 million grossed back from 16 shows ain't too bad at all. Compare that to unbreakable. More than double the shows, less production and time and total sales are just 3 million more than The rwu tour.  Janet on a business side is tarnished.  She's so lucky to have her loyals but then she still pulls out some bs on us. Everything related to umbreakable is totally on her.  No label pulling strings this time around. I don't understand how it appears Janet to have  the worst handlers. She's so famous, Iconic not to mention loaded yet her career, her bread and butter gets has so much unorganized chaos. Did she hire Fantasias Barrinnos old team thinking it would cut costs & rhythm nation records would profit more and stay on budget?  I mean?!?!?!

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  7. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    girl!!! This is exactly it. Thank you for explaining it better than I probably could. Unbreakable could have been the time for Janet to turn everything around for her. 
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  8. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    except for the fact that she was 49 just a corner away from 50 and in the middle of a worldwide tour.  I don't think any other artist has stopped a tour because they said they were pregnant let alone Janet's age or older.  If I'm mistaken please let me know who.   
    It's fishy as hell.  I do want Janet to be a mother no matter what, I know she'll be a great mom.  But I mean these PR's are a bit much to believe
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  9. msboz added a post in a topic My throwback TTWLG video   

    damn that sucks. You guys live out the US?  I get that error to with some clips outside of the US.  If you guys wanna see it I can send it to you.  Just pm me
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  10. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    She showed her bare belly naked and full preggers in her HBO doc life is dream as well on her formation tour during a video segment 
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  11. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    Well kinda..... My friend that serves her all the time at the four seasons says she looks like she might possibly be pregnant but it's hard to tell cuz she always wearing baggy clothes.  He did mention he over heard some pregnancy conversation at her table by a female friend that was brunching with her.  So I dunno , I still have my doubts. Not  about family planning but carrying at her age. But whatever , a kid has to pop out at some point by some means because she said so herself ... And if a kid doesn't then  oh my lord the backlash 
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  12. msboz added a topic in All About Janet   

    My throwback TTWLG video
    Put this together a few years ago of random clips and vids.  I was just playing around and I'm no video ho fessional,but it's got some cute syncs and transitions. Let's get some snaps , a groove and a lil throwback fo ya nerve.
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  13. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    yup.  And where is he now? lol
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  14. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    LOL  trust gurl!  Janet has and honey I just started as well...lil botox and lipo aint hurt nobody. 
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  15. msboz added a post in a topic Honestly, within 10 years...   

    Okay ms webmd if u nasty!  Whatever the case, the body changes with age obvi..and her and jimmy both stated she can't do some things like she used to and her body reacts different to some movements...just saying the sooner the better cuz she wont be pulling off them moves in the great forever
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