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  1. Totally understand. It was a beautiful and fun chapter that’s closing and you’re heading into a new season. And yes: please vote if you can!
  2. You are hating. I LOVED this freaking tweet. It was HILARIOUS! I ignore a lot of her other posts, but I cackled and shared this tweet with my family, which I never do.
  3. It actually doesn't surprise me lol. I'd still take Unbreakable, but I have this weird affair with AFY. When it first came out, I LOVED it, then I stopped playing it for awhile, but now I'm back to enjoying it.
  4. I absolutely love Unbreakable and put it above much of her later albums and it still gets a ton of replay from me. It's just not as strong as TVR, and there's nothing wrong with that, because TVR is one of the best albums I've ever heard. Unbreakable was a return to form; TVR was an elevation.
  5. Wow. Another one. That hurts. I remember the parodies and entertainment. RIP and I’m so sorry you lost a dear friend to you.
  6. OMG. I’d do it lol
  7. I’m not confusing and for those that know, know. This isn’t a new topic and was discussed at length on the old forum. For those that understand Black culture in the US, they see why it would’ve been problematic and this discussion was had back in the early 2000s before folks started talking about structural racism to this extent openly and wouldn’t make as silly as a comparison as the one you just made. Sorry if you don’t get it. Maybe you should consider opening up your network instead of making quick judgements on my board.
  8. Staying relevant. Think about it: Single Ladies came out in the late 2000s. Think of the artists that were out at the time. How many of them are still being talked about in the same breath and reverence as Beyonce? That's staying power regardless of how she performed on the charts. She's starting to age out of Pop Culture, so her sales won't be the same; however, she's managed to still be talked about.
  9. Definitely TVR. I kinda want to beat your ass for this, but we have a history of friendship, so I'm going to let it slide. Love you.
  10. Here's a quote from him: “The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues.”
  11. Angela


    Thanks for coming back to this and sharing. When I read some of the comments on the memorial page, I had a suspicion it was that, but to read it and see it confirmed, hurt my heart. I hope whatever his beliefs are, that he found peace that eluded him in this life. I have known of Paul since 2001 (was one of the first members that stuck out to me when I joined jj.com), as he was so freaking memorable and charismatic... and I had never even met him, nor spoken to him. I just want to say that I'm glad that even at your lowest moments in life, you're still here and with us. As ot
  12. I do think for Millennials, Beyonce is the biggest star of her generation. What she has over the folks you mentioned is longevity. The others fizzled out while she still remained relevant and that helped to grow her name/story. Do I think she has a big machine behind her? Yes, but she's used it to her benefit so more power to her. Personally, I think she's a fantastic performer, good singer, and good dancer. Her music isn't for me and hasn't been for me in many years, but I respect her hustle and work ethic to do what she needed to do to become BEYONCE. My iPhone even corrects the prope
  13. Unfortunately racism IS everywhere and is structural, which is the real problem.
  14. I do think a Black American woman would’ve caught some heat in 2001 with that title.
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