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  1. There was a poster on here that did say that she was doing something like this. I’m glad to see it coming to fruition.
  2. Fuck him. I don’t accept his fake ass apology. I will never forget going on to her official forum right after the SuperBowl. They had to shut it down due to the extreme traffic (they had over 1,000 users). And most of all, the racism. I had never seen the N word written so many times in my life and the amount of times she was called a monkey. And the place wasn’t moderated. It slowly woke up the activist in me and to see him be complicit on watching a legend be destroyed and it took him getting dragged because of his relationship with a white woman to apologize? Nah. Fuck
  3. This! There’s an interest for her but she has to take the opportunity to capitalize on it. When I was reading the Twitter thread on GTIG there some comments about people saying they didn’t even know she was the artist which shows that people aren’t connecting the dots and through no fault of their own.
  4. I don’t think anybody’s saying that it isn’t a problem and she should be doing more. And I know that Mariah knows how to promote herself as she learned/was married to the best. And, based on Mariah’s book, she’s hella insecure which doesn’t surprise me that she’s using smart tactics to keep her name out there. Doesn’t mean Janet can’t do more and it doesn’t mean others weren’t in here throwing shade for comparison. The two are not mutually exclusive. I’m not naive to her standing and know that Gen Z and soon to be Generation Alpha don’t know her like they should. And I don’t think she ha
  5. Her music ain’t for me. I was forced to listen to one of her songs when I was trying to watch TV as she made some deal with the network. Didn’t like it. Beautiful gowns.
  6. They’re classics. It’s why I can be unimpressed with other bodies of work that come from other artists because I’ve seen it before already. There are little things Janet can do and I’ve noticed more tweets about her have been gaining some traction. She should have her team capitalize on it. 2018 was the perfect time to do it because she was on a roll with visibility and tributes. We all stuck in the house. She can get her videos on YouTube and update her certifications.
  7. It’s interesting to me in that I know of her, but I only know two songs by her. It’s amazing what willful ignorance can do.
  8. I know. Hence my statements before and after Mariah. I mentioned Mariah since everyone kept making comparisons to her, and in some cases to throw unnecessary shade.
  9. What I would like for Janet is for her and her team to post all her videos on YouTube on her VEVO account. I saw some traction on the Got Til It’s Gone video on Twitter a couple of days ago. I went to YouTube to go play it because it really is one of my favorite videos ever, and I could only find a fan account... that was posted nine months ago. I’m not even saying she needs to certify her stuff and she doesn’t need to be Mariah because for all of her greatness, she’s extremely insecure, lacks accountability, and can be very money hungry (she’s also selling Mariah cookies). But she shou
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