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  1. This looks REALLY well done just going by the trailer. I can’t wait!!!
  2. Okay. I thought the picture looked photoshopped because it looked like two different eras. I’ve accepted that those two just didn’t fuck with each other and left it at that.
  3. I’m good. I’d rather just have Janet’s documentary
  4. From the neck up she looks absolutely radiant. The bottom looks like she had fifteen minutes until the wedding and made it work with sheets and curtains.
  5. I’m not yet ready but I will be lol
  6. Hmm... does that mean she’s coming?
  7. I could’ve seen Control in 2018 considering how prevalent #Metoo was and it would’ve made sense. But RN continues to be enduring. Especially when you consider last year and companies are thinking about literacy programs and upskilling and reskilling talent that may don’t have degrees in preparation for the fourth Industrial Revolution. This is truly a feat and I’m gonna need Janet to tweet about it. This was SUCH a welcomed surprise for me today. Also, I’ve been liking most of your shit on Twitter today about it.
  8. Finally! I knew my irrational stanning for this album was for a legitimate reason! It is still my favorite album of all time. Ms. 1814 stay clearing all these bitches.
  9. Thank you for even sharing this with us. My heart goes out to you and your family.
  10. There was a poster on here that did say that she was doing something like this. I’m glad to see it coming to fruition.
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