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  1. The gag is Janet will be performing at the VMA's with her musical daughter's Teyana and Ciara. Nobody is getting tongued down though. #MadeForNowtoLevelUpandWorkThisPussy Owwww BTW...Britney was asked to perform but had to show Janet that she could still hit an 8 count hence the video of her dancing to ANDS...Janet hit her with 'Im good luv, enjoy' #AllNitePleaseStop #ImNotAGirlNotYetADancer #MeAgainstMyTwoLeftFeetAndXanax
  2. Voodoo

    Janet’s social media posts

    When will you miserable hoes learn that Janet has fully embraced herself as a Tomboy again. She was generous enough to show some thigh meat and y'all still complain about her baggy, jersey stud inspired outfits. Get over it! I hope for her next tour she just performs in her Number One's white wife beater and her Unbreakable Harem pants so you delicate bitches can stay pressed.
  3. Voodoo


    The woke queen of pop sounds like she might be given us some more socially conscious bops when she releases her new album... And I Here For It! I love that she is speaking out and using her platform for serious topics...I mean she always has but it's nice to see her do it candidly on Instagram.
  4. That Damita Jo Spirit took over Britney Jean for just a moment and she looked like an actual dancer...then reality set in and so did Ms. Benzodiazepine and it got real lazy and sloppy at the end. But I won't hold it against her.... #workBitch
  5. Voodoo

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    Does Janet even acknowledge 20YO.... The gag is that album did more damage to her career than the Superbowl. I went there!
  6. Voodoo

    Janet’s social media posts

    Janet IS really feeling herself. Her confidence is on 20
  7. Voodoo


    Who said it was terrible? I said it was busy! As in every word of the song doesn't need a particular movement and that twitch move she does at the beginning isn't cute.
  8. Voodoo


    It's a little to busy for my taste. The choreography for 'Luv' comes to mind...classic Gil. And part of that dance she did reminded me of Charlie Brown....Chile
  9. Voodoo

    Obscure Janet songs....

    The 20 YO album
  10. Either Janet is trying to woo this girl for that hot box or she wants you hoes to know that out of all the girls, Teyana is the chosen one. I mean I have never seen Janet obsess over another female r&b act like this....Teyana can dance her ass off and sis can carry a tune but she is gonna need some more bops. 🙄 For real though, I think it's cute. 😊
  11. Partly to get you gals in a tizzy and create dialogue. So don't try to Cissy Houston my topic of discussion!!! Janet out here making videos congratulating Teyana on a number one album ...she has to want to get in between Teyana and Iman and recreate that Fade shower scene and I don't blame her. I just hope they keep that same energy and give Petunia the bizness.
  12. If you follow Janet, you know exactly who she is. Let's not.
  13. Voodoo

    The Official #EssenceFest Thread

    Y'all bitches complain about every fuckin thing. Let me enjoy my Janet high before you start with the bullshit. Gotdamn.
  14. Voodoo

    The Official #EssenceFest Thread

    I like the outfit. Fuqumean
  15. Voodoo

    The Official Legendtina Aguilera Thread

    I heard she dropped to number 98 in her second week?!😟 What happened?
  16. Voodoo

    Janet’s social media posts

    Janet looks great!!! Her energy is everything in that instaclip.
  17. The way that Gil stans for Rihanna, I could see that happening.
  18. Well we know it ain't Paris Jackson. I swear this bitch is so extra.
  19. Janet was fucking that Throb choreography up after that air drum jump move and that fucking camera cut away....I am super pissed. That was a moment, I know it was. Ugh! Throw the whole show away!!!
  20. It was entertaining. I was amused, that Masai necklace is the cat's meow. My only issue is that they had my girl doing too much walking...just let her groove and fuck it up like I know she can. She also looked uncomfortable in that outfit. Hair and makeup were nice. Throb killed!!! And fire the camera man, they were too invested in the audiences reaction
  21. Word on these internet streets is that Ciara just confirmed herself as a presenter and she is SO EXCITED about what she will be presenting. Chile...
  22. Voodoo

    Janet for Billboard Magazine

    So am I'm reading correctly or did Janet just proclaimed her religion to be music. Where are all those people who swore up and down she was a muslim?!...y'all had the first three letters right. And...did anybody catch the shade when she said smart psychology.... Chile..
  23. Voodoo

    CHARMED reboot, first look!

    I can't believe that. I remember watching the first episode and being excited about a show featuring witches...wow, what memories The logo is lukewarm cringe but I really hope the writing is their and hopefully they don't make it too campy. I wonder if they will have an Aviva type episode... #TheFourthSister
  24. Voodoo

    CHARMED reboot, first look!

    I've been following this forever and so happy it's happening. To come out with Janet's first interview in years...I am literally min gay heaven right now. I am all the way here for this new series!