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  1. He did Plus they sounded fucking terrible. I listened from 2:31 until 5:00 and I haven’t heard CBTM lyrics
  2. It’s cheaper drink at home than a club and since Boomers won’t pay us, why go to their slimy club?
  3. Who cares https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilhowe/2016/03/16/where-the-wild-things-arent/
  4. And who planned it? Did they sabotaged her music Or did she do that herself? That was the point of the post
  5. You know he’s black.. right It wasnt Justin’s idea. It wasn’t his breast either. He also apologized and kissed ass
  6. You don’t have a point 😐 like zero. Negative points are given. But continue celebrating a pedophile bro. It’s a good look for you
  7. Matt Laurer raped children? I don’t think so. Pretty sure he just sexually harassed co-workers and was fired for it. Y’all fucking weird defending a pedophile until it’s your mother, sister, cousin, daughter While there is racism in America and injustice within the justice department... this is NOT the case it and you’re on the wrong side of history
  8. Correct. I agree When I say “trash” I’m comparing it to 1986-2001 & 2015.. JANET JACKSON ONLY I don’t care what she’s performing.. it is not better than her 1986-2001 & 2015 music.
  9. I’m familiar with her chart success, or lack thereof... but the music was trash. I don’t care if you want to accept that fact or not
  10. Right which is my logic I can’t defend against your fantasy la la world. I can only defend the truth
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