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    Who else but the Queen?
  3. Discipline photoshoot – NEW OUTTAKES

    It had a concept. Albeit they weren't in the songs. Janet said she's been in the business since she was a child and it took a lot of discipline.
  4. Discipline photoshoot – NEW OUTTAKES

    Conceptually, discipline was very strong. Imagine if Jj&TL had executive produced it...but would we have Unbreakable?
  5. Everybody on the floor

    Son of Gun, Someone To Call My Lover, Doesn't Really Matter is really popular among most millennials. I love All Nite as a song I can pop my shit to (in private) but I'd replace it w/ any single from the AFY album (not including the title track)
  6. Everybody on the floor

    Janet's light skin trade dancer originated the term "bruh" in 2004. His impact
  7. Everybody on the floor

    Let's get hardcore Make my sweat pour... DON'T STOP! (gimme some more) Oh, my body's yours, spank that back door, drive me like a Porsche I could dance all night

    I hope Janet NEVER does another interview. The white supremacist media has been complicit in throwing dirt on the victims of police brutality over the past couple of years.

    The Queen???
  10. I feel Janet is the only one who got her negroe wake up call and truly got what that meant. People like Michael, OJ, and Bill Cosby would kiss white people ass even after they kick em' in the face
  11. Where were white feminists when Sandra Bland was found hanging in a jail cell? Or when several of those young black women went missing last year? Oh yeah, over 50% of them voted for Trump so he could grab them by the pussy. I can believe that poster had to nerve to say "why the race card"??? Are you kidding me? But this is what other "minority" groups like to do...white women, white gays, Asians etc. they never wanna stick their neck out and fight white supremacy on our behalf but they look to us to be on the front lines while they sit back and say "what about (white) women, what about (white) gays, what about Latinos"?? Why aren't you on the front lines when a police officer murders a black man with impunity?
  12. Because black people (men and women) are still subjugated in this country and have been routinely mistreated by the dominant. I hate when muthufuckas wanna shift the narrativd into some (white) feminism bullshit. The mainstream feminists don't give a shit when black women are mistreated and certainly never speak out on behalf of black women. The super bowl had everything to do with race and nothing to do with sexism. Had Justin been a black man and Janet a white woman...do you honestly believe she would have still got the backlash from the dominant society??? Let's keep it 100...because ya know sexism and white women are so oppressed in this country, even more so than blacks.

    I feel like I was the only one who knew the words to Island Life, Spending Time With You, Black Eagle etc. the crowd was great and loved the encore towards the end when everyone lit up theirs phones screaming "Janet, Janet.."

    Concord was lit omg her best show. Miles better than number 1's, rockwitchu, and Unbreakable (loved those shows too) but Janet was so comfortable on stage, motherhood has made her into such a refreshed performer
  15. Janet Posts New Impromptu Video

    People still can't detect Janet's shade