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  1. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Post 3 Janet songs you’ll never see it for

    People naming Lonely and TPP. I rebuke this thread I created
  2. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Janet’s social media posts

    An anti-black racist who claims Dreamers built this country
  3. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Dream Maker: The Official Janet Dream Thread

    You mean the iconic track from Unbreakable?
  4. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    The Pop Culture Thread: When IMPACTNET Strikes Edition

    Ugh, the RN era had the most iconic looks. The girls still can’t get enough
  5. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Sneak down the stairs...

    Daybreak is my favorite Janet song post AFY and in between Unbreakable. 20 came out my senior year of HS and I would blast the song everywhere in my first car. New Janet album + first car= “Bad” results
  6. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Sneak down the stairs...

    Get money for the fareTime is of the essenceSo I'll tell the driver hurry upI can't sit stillI'm like a little kidSmilin' 'cause I'll be in your arms in a minuteTimes like this...Can't afford to missWorth the risk of getting caughtJust to have your kissAnd when I have to go (it's the saddest ?)But I'm so glad to knowI'll see you tomorrow...
  7. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    After You Flop is a disaster. The only song on UB that I can’t get with
  8. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    All For You vs. Unbreakable

    After You Flop is a disaster. The only song on UB that I can’t get with
  9. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    ‘Unbreakable’ Turns 3 Years Old Today

    Doesn’t change who I am, doesn’t change who I love... ?
  10. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    I have no problem with black women specifically speaking out about their plight independent of white women. Don’t give a shit about white women who were victimized by Cosby or Kavenaugh. These same women will get on a jury and vote to not convict a white supremacist police officer for murdering a black child. These same women voted for Trump. And you have black peoples caping for these women talking about “these poooooor victims...” Fuck outta here!
  11. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    Hotep? Lemme guess, you’ll be standing behind Andrea Constand, the white women going after Kavanaugh as their biggest cheerleader. When they don’t give a fuck about your black ass and don’t champion your causes. That’s what’s wrong with black folks...we wanna stand up for the white women, (white) gays, “POC’s”, immigrants, hunchbacks, and the buck tooth. When none of these groups as a COLLECTIVE (operative word being “collective”) speak up for black social issues specifically. All these other groups put themselves first, black people wanna throw their life vest to the folks safe on the shore while they’re drowning. Those of us within intelligent black society are black first with a black agenda. We wish no other groups ill but we are solely focused on the black community as s collective. If that makes us “hoteps” then so be it. Keep chasing these non-existent coalitions with these other groups that harbor anti-black racism even back in their own countries. When the white supremacists and suspects on your job or wherever decide to mistreat you, don’t come crying about racism...cause you were just soft shoe coining talking about “hoteps” and what not. Show white daddy you one of the “good ones” even though respectability politics never sway the white power structure.
  12. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Activisnet Strikes again.....

    I love Janet but sometimes I feel like she parrots white feminist talking points. Please believe white women will choose white supremacy over the farce of feminism (that doesn’t include black women) I wish Janet would just advocate for black people (specifically) as a collective.
  13. She lived through her mistakes It’s just apart of growin & neva for a single mo-menT did she ever go without our love ?
  14. There’s no reason why Feedback shouldn’t have been a billboard hot 100 hit
  15. Moist, Warmth, and Would You Mind