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  1. She lived through her mistakes It’s just apart of growin & neva for a single mo-menT did she ever go without our love 🙄
  2. There’s no reason why Feedback shouldn’t have been a billboard hot 100 hit
  3. Moist, Warmth, and Would You Mind
  4. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Janet will appear in Bobby Brown's new biopic

    This bullshit biopic has got me dragging mf’s on Twitter my fav ain’t never in no mess like this
  5. Help me drag these bums in the shade room comments y’all
  6. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Why are these two doofuses asking Janhova about that weirdo Nikki ”I hear it’s nice...” Queen is SO shady, I love her😫
  7. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Janet Announces Untitled EP Coming This Fall

    Muthufuckas in here coming for the book of AFY wtf
  8. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    The queen so shady
  9. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Made For Now Radio Promo Tour

    Has the shade room posted the video? They usually post any minuscule information regarding Janet, but they didn’t post her new music video? They have like 13 million followers so Jan needs that exposure
  10. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Made For Now Music Video

    Haven’t been this happy since Unbreakable (song) leaked. She’s back in rare form
  11. I knew Elissa would stan for the legendary AFY album. My third fav Janet album
  12. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Made For Now Music Video

    Imagine the great forever with this video’s treatment. I guess the song’s gotta grow on me
  13. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Janet is filming MADE FOR NOW music video in NY

    Made For Jesus!!!!!!😭
  14. Kaleidoscope Eyes


    I remember buying that bullshit album back in the day
  15. Kaleidoscope Eyes

    EXTREMELY RARE Janet performance @ the TMF AWARDS (1998)

    A vocal best, I’ve never seen this