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  1. She's a huge Donna fan and really wants this part... Look wise she nails it... She can play the dirty sex goddess she was back then for sure, but what about her voice... would she lipsync over Summer's real voice? I mean: Horrible song, but the way she changes voice at 0:58... I love that voice... And the way she holds that 16 second straight full voice note, like she's backing a cake. This was Donna at almost 60. But would be amazing to see her in this look: (from 2:00) Can't wait to see the film tho... Those were some amazing and dirty times... If they don't sugarcoat it (which they probably will, cause they're not gonna show orgies at the office while Cher's doing coke) it's gonna be one hell of a movie
  2. haha... been gone for a while, but this just made me lol... must be a joke right?
  3. KlaSh-E

    Miley Hospitalized

    Madonna, Kylie, Cher, Cindy, Pet shop boys, Celine, Donna was still touring just before she died ... & i'm sure there are dozens more (plus loads that aren't big in the US) and ofcourse all the rock acts like U2 that have been touring for 100's of years now But i made my point wrong.... what i really ment to say was, the old school artists including janet didn't complain on their first tour(s) or got exhausted or overworked... They just did it
  4. KlaSh-E

    Miley Hospitalized

    these new generation pop stars... overworked at their first tour... it's becoming real sad The old generation keeps on touring like they're in their 20's, without complaining or faking injuries or getting exhausted, canceling dates because of a flue Music is in a really sad state at the moment
  5. Think this was his last remix... Sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKflUgawNkA
  6. Liz was a better actress Marilyn is the bigger legend
  7. I don't know.... to me Matthew was just a skinny Matthew in Dallas buyers club... it was a nice performance, but it was nothing spectacular... The person he portraited was, but his performance was not Same with Jared.... He has done some amazing roles, but this one was just a bit meh to me
  8. What it feels like for a Slow girl.... https://soundcloud.com/klash_e/klash-e-what-it-feels-like-for
  9. Sexy Love sounds like a Janet song imo.... I finally can say.. It will be a Kylie album i can play from start to finish without skipping or deleting a track The 2 bonus tracks are great.. Mr. President is just hilarious and Sleeping with the enemy is gorgeous Feels so Good has to be a single Les Sex is just sublime It's really BL meets X - just funkier and way better production The Pharrell track i hated from the first sample but liking this sample Even the Enrique duet is good... not sure it should be a single, but whatever Wasn't excited at all for this new era, but it's back... Kylie stan again 7 Big reviews in and all great
  10. think people here might like this one... Itunes 90sec preview sampler (completely different from the 60sec official sampler on youtube) https://soundcloud.c...ue-kiss-me-once listen with headphones
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