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  1. Sooo is this still Diamond or has that been scrapped?
  2. That’s The way Love Goes What Have You Done For me Lately Black Cat What Have You Done For Me Lately
  3. Um - ‘Janet’ was bigger worldwide. And if we are talking about sales outside the US, then ‘The Velvet Rope’ was also bigger. Other albums that come to mind are Lauryn hills Miseducation and Toni’s ‘secrets’
  4. Any sort of publicity for Janet is good so I’m happy
  5. The Velvet Rope vs. Unbreakable You vs. BURNITUP! Got Til It’s Gone vs Dammn Baby My Need vs. the Great Forever Go Deep vs. Shoulda Known Better Free Xone vs. After You Fall Together Again vs Broken Hearts Heal Empty vs. Night (MOTHER OF GOD! ) What About vs No Sleeep (AHHHHHH!!! ) Everytime vs Dream Maker/Euphoria Tonight’s the Night vs 2 B Loved I Get Lonely vs Take Me Away (I GIVE UP!!! ) Rope Burn vs Lessons Learned (FLATLINE......) Anything vs Black Eagle Special vs Well Traveled Cant Be Stopped vs Gon B Alright (JESUS CHRIST!!!) TVR - 11 UB - 5
  6. If that’s the case, why perform songs like RNB Junkie off Damita Jo?
  7. Idk, based on her most recent set lists, she’s almost erased it outside of NS. When I saw her in Sydney the other day she didn’t perform any songs off it and it seems that’s been the case with other gigs. Does she associate it too closely with Wissam or something? It’s a great album (and still her last + most fresh) so it’s a shame she’s paying it dust.
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