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  1. I want to like the song, but something in the beat won’t let me. Which is strange cause I generally like/love Tim and Danja. The “haters gonna say it’s fake” hook is my favorite part, even though it’s cheezy. And he looks alright in those pants in the vid.
  2. Please let them be done with all those "original" X-men from the past. Hopefully, Marvel will put more care into the X-books again now that Disney/Marvel got the film rights back.
  3. I’m gonna be a grandad

    I’m happy y’all have a chance to reconnect. Good luck! I’m in the same boat with my mom. If I’m still single at 40. I miiiight start looking at adopting.
  4. I missed this place

    Same. I was like, “did I post something while drunk and forget?” ?

    We’re back! Thank you! I got to see the Columbia, SC show last Saturday, and I seriously cannot explain how amazing of a time I had. A lot of people showed up late, but the energy of the crowd all night was great. I went with 3 friends: 3 of us are in our 30s and one is 22, and we met up with others and just jammed all night. I saw pics of Fantasia there but never saw her. I’m obsessed with Dom (her facial expressions and dance skills) and guero (big crush) now. I couldn’t believe how beautiful, tiny, and athletic Janet is at 51. I had 8th row seats but I still kept staring at her on the screen to see that perfect smile. She just looked so HAPPY and at peace on stage. The dancers stayed at the same hotel I did, but I was trying not to be a creepy stalker and look for them. Lol. It sounds like she might be taking the tour over seas in the new year. Excited if J keeps doing stuff through 2018.
  6. Does Age Really Matter to You?

    I just turned 36, and most of the guys attracted to me in my 30s have been 18-25. I never go below 21; but I don’t mind the ones in their 20s because generally they’re less angry and jaded than the guys my age have been. Some of them tend to be more ready to settle down, but you might find yourself in a teacher or (I hate typing this) daddy roll.

    Is anyone else going to the meet up at Thirsty Fellow before the Columbia, SC show? I think hotboy was the only person I remember saying they were going to that show at all.
  8. New Song? (VIDEO)

    BUT it was a #1 Billboard Club play hit. While the other Viacom channels were paying her dust, I do remember this video heavily on rotation on VH1. Not that SC is representative of anywhere else, but I STILL hear ANDS at gay bars. On a personal note, I've enjoyed this song since the first time I heard it. It's fluff, but fluff with Janet's special touch and some of the best choreo from the Gil era.

    Janet is so cuuuute! I love seeing her like this.

    This pic is my everything. The dichotomy of the women and the men in this pic. Ms. Jackson throwing that smile of hers.
  11. Janet & Eissa at Disney

    ? this made me remember her horrible national anthem AND live version of “Away in a manger.”

    I was watching a tour clip on Facebook (couldn't link to it). Does anyone know if Whyley reguarly just comes out for "If." The male dancer for Janet in the clip had really long hair, and I assumed it was him.
  13. I do not hold a blinding prejudice against Justin, and the idea that me not seeing him as that big of a deal means obviously I'm against him is a jump in logic. The only 2 songs of his I still here today are 1)Mirrors (Which I LOVE) and 2) Can't stop the feeling (which I loathe). In an age where he should be killing radio, streaming, and downloads with hit after hit, he STILL only has 9 top 10 hits and 4 #1 (5 with "Give It to Me) Hot 100s. His 20/20 experience albums did sell 6M and 1M respectively after a 7 year absence. Those are facts. But it was still a downturn from what most consider his best album and I haven't been hearing the general public clamoring for more. YES, he's a somebody. But this would be a make or break moment for him, NOT the USA can't wait for this performance. That's my opinion.
  14. I have to disagree. Justin’s not a big deal. Talented: debatable but I think so. Def attractive with star power. But he’s in that weird hazy place Beyoncé was in right before her Super Bowl. Yes, the Grammys and their stans loved them. And people agreed they were pop stars, but Beyoncé (at the time) and he Now wasn’t/isn’t exactly pumping out hit after hit or selling impressive amounts of albums. He’s doing fine, but not like his female counterparts or the guys that came before him. And Bieber is about to surpass him in legacy. Beyoncé used the SuperBowl to solidify herself as a touring act and reinvigorate interest in her brand. Then came the Mrs. Carter tour and her 2 subsequent albums did well. Justin is likely trying the same thing.

    idk how often she wears them, but I’m pretty sure she got her and all the choreographers/dancers louboutin red bottoms for the MJ Scream tribute.