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  1. This is a sign... U know what this means... Something is going on... She only shows up when she wants to be seen...
  2. This was great! Thank you! She looked so beautiful and this tour was amazing! I never got to see it live cause she had to cancel the Euro leg... But this made me nostalgic about the old days... 🤩
  3. Did you guys know that (I saw on instagram) that one of Janet's nieces had a dog named Black Diamond. The dog has sadly passed away, but I just thought it was interesting/sweet that a dog might have inspired the name for this project. Well maybe it's just a coincidence, I don't know, but it made me smile nevertheless.
  4. She's said a lot about the state of the world during her career: The Rhythm Nation concept, New Agenda, Can't be stopped etc I thought the BD was going to be more about her personal journey. But it's all connected, so who knows what she had in store. I miss her! I've already seen enough fan videos and tributes. I wish she would release something new soon. When it comes to her next project, I don't see her NOT addressing this madness in her art somehow... So we'll see how the BD eventually turns out.
  5. Has she said anything about the cancellations yet? Is it cancelled or just postponed? It's too bad but there was no other option at this point with all that's going on. The State of the World tour was about what's going on right now. I wonder what she had in store for us with the BD. I hope she releases the album this year with some great new tracks... Something fresh and hopeful. Yes, hope, that's what we need right now.
  6. No, you are not being selfish in my opinion. She should definitely have addressed the tour postponement BEFORE Ticketmaster. I still have in fresh memory how she handled the cancellations of the Euro leg of the Unbreakable tour and I swore never to trust her again. I mean this in the sense that I won't believe anything until I see it happening and I won't spend extra money on her. The insta is showing videos from fans, but not speaking a word on this is disrespectful to fans, no matter which way you look at it. I still love her, but sometimes it just seems like she doesn't care.
  7. Well, it's too bad (knowing her history of bad luck when it comes to touring). But there really was no other option in this situation. Maybe this will all lead in to something better.... We know she was in the mood for it but at least now she gets a break and can spend more time with her kid. 💖
  8. I agree, she would probably have lots of stories to tell which could draw people into her. But I'm pretty sure she would not be willing to talk about those past times, some of them she isn't even legally allowed to talk about. I don't think she would want to hurt anyone, and always when the truth gets to be told someone gets hurt... The only way I see this getting her blessing is that it focuses on her career and maybe single-motherhood...
  9. Old discussion about the article where she mentions those two separate accidents, one with a magazine and one with her dog, which almost made her go blind
  10. I would love to see a Janet movie. But she would deserve a big production movie, not just a tv broadcast. Anyway. I think the movie should be about certain times of her life. She's had such an eventful life so far that I think it would be too much to tell the story of her whole life and have many different actresses portaying her, max two different leads, preferably one. I think it could be about her amazing rise to a megastar from the shadow of her brother(s). How she ended up becoming basically the most successful one of the family while still living a relatively normal life. What made her stood out of the rest. Ppl would love to know more about her personal affairs but that's not going to happen. I know a few actresses who look like her a bit, but still none of them match Janet's natural beauty. We would need someone absolutely gorgeous and talented newcomer.
  11. Some blogs are saying there will be a Janet Jackson biopic... What do you guys think and who should play Janet?
  12. This could all be a blessing in disguise. I mean as long as there is health... This way she can finish the album before the tour starts. Maybe the tour could become something fresh instead of the same old we've seen and heard before. We know she thrives on challenges and maybe this time at home will give her some amazing new perspectives and ideas. She should release the album next year, postpone the tour with a year and bless us with Superbowl 2021. It would be so amazing! I hope she and JayZ are already talking... She would be perfect after JLO and Shakira. And we all know the ratings would be crazy. I think she herself could be in the state of mind where she could do it.
  13. I'm afraid she will postpone the tour. The rest of the dates weren't released yet which is good so they can't be "cancelled". She really has bad luck when it comes to touring in Europe! It never seems to work out for the last 20 years for various reasons. We don't know what's going on but her social media has been silent for awhile. She's probably devasted herself about what's happening. I think a new album or tour is the last thing on her mind atm.
  14. Been said before... janet is taurus, familiarity is her comfort zone. Madonna is leo, always wants to be at the top of her game. That being said, i do very much hope there will be at least a new setlist, new coreography and theme... I believe the album will be fresh but with the tours she likes to do the same old.
  15. It should definitely be included in the new show in some way.
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