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  1. Man... I think she should have a break... Go on a long holiday with her baby... I mean she's been touring/doing concerts for almost two years now... almost since the baby was born... People will love her regardless if she makes a few stops here and there or not. I would love for her to just chill with her baby boy on a beach somewhere far away... Babies grow up so quickly...
  2. Hey guys, What do you think is the meaning of the song? I just love this song, but I'm not really sure what she is singing about. In the beginning she says: Once you know, you cannot not know. What it is that she knows? I don't get it 😆 Btw, why aren't there any songs from the Unbreakable album in the Vegas show. Damm baby could have fit in...
  3. It's very awesome actually 😻 we know she doesn't do it very often unless it's another celebrity or something very special. I'm sure it was a dream come true for all of you (after all your effort and dedication) so you should cherish this moment!! 💕
  4. I'm glad she featured the fans' speech moment for everyone too see. 💕
  5. She needs to quit make up lol. I love this look on her except maybe the hair. The less make up the better (and younger) she looks.
  6. Everyone looked good and so happy! That's awesome that you actually got to meet her and give the present to her! The award was such a sweet idea, I'm sure she appreciated it. 😍 Kudos to whoever came up with the idea!! 😍🤗
  7. + Great make-up! Awhile ago I wrote how much better she looks without lots of make-up and here she was looking naturally GORGEOUS!! Is her team reading this forum?! lol + We should give her a break! Festivals are always messy; there's mud, sometimes rain, technical difficulties and delays. At least she showed up and did the show! I actually liked the show from what I saw. When she got into Control I had to laugh. I mean, come on guys, here she is delivering 20-30 year old songs to a crowd who wasn't even born when they were released. The audience seemed to be into her at least to some extent.
  8. I wish Janet would do something new. She should release a lullaby album for babies and kids. And I wish she would lend her voice to some major DJ with whom they could release a worldwide hit which would appeal to the younger audience too. 😊
  9. With Ricky Martin for the Pepsi Commercial. It was released in Europe also, but I don't remember how much promo there was in Europe for it. A duet with Shakira or Enrique Iglesias would have been hot!
  10. To be honest, at this point in her life, I don't expect her to want to "win over" Europe or any other continent for that matter. She's had the success before. I don't know what it is that she wants for her future. Her baby is obviously her priority, as he should be. I was surprised she "came back" with Unbreakable and SOTW. She could have just released some music and make an appearance here and there and then call it a wrap. She loves the tour life and I think that lifestyle and the love from her fans give her comfort after the problems in her personal life. I would like to know, however, what it is that she wants next. I will go to her concert, if she ever performs near me. Other than that, I'm not expecting too much. 🙏
  11. There definitely needs to be more promotion! During the Unbreakable Tour there wasn't enough promo and some of the venues weren't selling that well. But I still think that in addition to lots of promo here in Europe she also needs new hit music! Otherwise she will be regarded just as a nostalgic artist... we need something new and fresh from her. 😻
  12. I'm not saying it's forever tarnished, but if she wants to sell out shows (other than maybe London) I believe she needs a new hit song/album to get people interested in her again.
  13. She needs a new big hit in order to "mend her ties" with Europe. The old songs or MFN ain't enough...
  14. These pics don't do her justice. I like the picture from the side of her face with the black wig on. We all can see that she's had some work done, that doesn't even bother me... it's part of her journey and can't be undone. BUT, often times the make up and styling doesn't do her justice. She looked best with long, straight black hair and very simple makeup. Sometimes the contouring of her nose is too shimmering and makes it look unflattering. The less she has make up, the better she looks.
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