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  1. The Velvet Rope Unbreakable You BURNITUP! Got Til It’s Gone Dammn Baby My Need the Great Forever Go Deep Shoulda Known Better Free Xone After You Fall Together Again Broken Hearts Heal Empty Night What About No Sleeep Everytime Dream Maker/Euphoria Tonight’s the Night 2 B Loved I Get Lonely Take Me Away Rope Burn Lessons Learned Anything Black Eagle Special Well Traveled Cant Be Stopped Gon B Alright
  2. there is no connection between structural racism in the USA and this pop song. You're confusing With this logic, "black cat" is a problem as well. The title speaks about gang and using the term "black". It's discriminatory for black people
  3. it is ridiculous and dangerous to see racism and slavery, everywhere, all the time. Slave for you is just erotic, not political song.
  4. janet is lazy and boring. this is the true. Everybody has project, excepted her.
  5. if she was really private, she wouldn't have instagram.
  6. her instagram is getting worse and worse .. so boring
  7. hi everyone, I hope my English is not so bad. Coming back to the subject, I'm not an egoist but I sometimes wonder if Janet is not a little on her side. She does nothing to arouse curiosity around her new record, and her future shows. It gives the impression of making fun of it. And I don't like what happened to her Instagram.I love her but find it boring
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