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  1. well, everything else is something she's done before though so we know it's at the very least possible This era is gonna be Janet's biggest era! It's gonna have 5 #1 hits, 8 top 5 singles (beating her own record for Rhythm Nation) sell over 35 million worldwide and 17 million in the US AND become the most awarded album and highest grossing concert tour of all time. Doesn't hurt to at least try and speak these things into existence
  2. we all have desires but "5 million sold first week"
  3. Isn't the tested vaccine over 90% effective? I think that's really good. Idk how high and how many tests it needs to be, but the fact they got such high effective rate after less than a year (in the US) is hopeful and quite impressive.
  4. That is true. It's a classic, but it's not perfect like RN or TVR. One thing it definitely suffers from is being too long. Like who in the world fills HALF the album with INTERLUDES?!?! lol
  5. Mariah and Whitney didn't? Idk if they fully count cuz they did R&B later, but both of them started out with mostly pop music.
  6. I know Mariah's Music Box sold more, but that's more of a pop album. I honestly can't think of another female R&B album that reached the heights RN did. janet. the album sold more, but didn't have as many top ten/#1s I say for females DEFINITELY Rhythm Nation is a ALBUM. Lonely, RN, Escapade, Miss You Much, The Knowledge, Alright, Love Will Never Do... everytime I listen to this album I feel like:
  7. Rhythm Nation is her second best album. Control is #4.
  8. YES. Changing the actual sound of music itself. I love when artists push the boundaries of music. Janet, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis created a whole new subgenre that influenced the next decade of pop and r&b. Not many artists can say they inspired a whole generation of acts MUSICALLY, and not just because they were a big star.
  9. The news showed that Trump did better in every demographic, including black men, black women, latinas, latinos, white women, white men... everyone. There's a reason it took 5 days lol And no, I'm nowhere near a Trump supporter, I'm just saying what the news showed
  10. Umm... EXCUSE ME?!?! The Velvet Rope is Janet's best album and that's a hill I'm willing to DIE on. Rhythm Nation is #2 of course.
  11. Wow what a thread And I say no because there was Usher. He was going platinum week after week. Then there was Alicia and Kanye and Beyonce was still on her DIL run. And that's just rnb. DJ is a great album, but it didn't stand out enough or have the same level of "JANET" to it as the previous 5 albums to be the best selling album of the year, especially 2004.
  12. Some of her hits have. Songs like Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Halo, Single Ladies, Ego, Love On Top, Party are rnb classics. I think the issue is while her albums got better, the individual tracks got worse. Compare her 2000s hits to her 2010s hits and you see everything after 4 just went south. Like Formation, Drunk In Love, Mine, 7/11, Sorry, Hold Up are all fun songs, but who's gonna remember those outside the Beyhive? But let's be honest. All the other R&B artists who started in the early 2000s have faded except for her. So for the early 2000s R&B acts, she's up there amongst if not at the top. And another thing, what other acts from her time are making music that's just as good now? Alicia's not making classic albums anymore. Ashanti hasn't in over a decade. Mario, Chris Brown, Ne Yo... nope. So she fits with the rest of them musically, in that sense. Now put her in a verzuz against them, she wins. Now against 90s artists? I don't think so, but compare her to her own peers and she definitely stands out amongst the top.
  13. Moesha by far. But The Parkers are much funnier.
  14. I hear a few days ago. Slave 4 U was also given to Janet and she declined for obvious reasons. I'm still shocked Pharrell offered a song with the word "Slave" in the title to a black woman.
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