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Jam&Lewis - The New Jam92


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OK everyone who got the censored CD/DVD combo of All For you should recognize this club song for what the janet . era dancers auditioned to. I don't know if I'm the only 1 who always wanted to hear that song and always felt like the female vocal throughout the song was Janet. Well I recently found the song again, and it was my 1st time hearing the song in HQ & all the way through, and yes I think it's Janet. But beyond that, I have a love for this song because I always felt like The Best Things In Life Are Free was like the final goodbye to RN and a lil hint of janet. to come, vs. I feel like "The New Style" is the intro to the janet. era with a lil hint of RN & control too. But that's just how I feel about it, how do you guys like it?

(if club songs with no verses/chorus aren't your thing you probably won't like this, literally Janets vocal I'm talking about is the same "Aaaaahhh ahh ahhh" played throught the song and over the beat, I dig it but others may not)

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