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    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    She didn't Jimmy said in an interview that She wanted jj and terry to write the album and they were the ones who said no. Terry said something like if your not inspired than why make an album?! I love DJ but you can clearly see that She was not inspired. 20 was JD caping to save her career and the only good thing to come out of DC was LA repairing relationships with MTV and radio stations but Her fighting with LA and the album being bad reuined everything.
  2. Utopia

    Celebrity Deathmatch 2018

    Twitter would IMPLODE
  3. Utopia

    20 Y.O. > DJ + Discipline!!!

    Does Janet even know that she has an album named 20 yo? It's still better than Disappointment though. DJ is actually a good album. Moist and Warmth drag it down but it's cohesive . The prob with it is that Janet literally had nothing to say, She just felt like releasing an album and that's it. Releasing an album like DJ after 4 heavy themed ones was always going to be a problem. It was going to sell (if not for SB) but people would eventually see thru it
  4. She's obsessed with this track Not to long ago she was rehearsing to this same track
  5. Utopia


    To me AN is one of his best choreographies. He left the chrous intact but the rest ... One of the bests parts of this choreography was the As long as its funky This rhythm just makes me high movement and it's non existent now. Plus, the dancers seem to be moving all over the stage doing nothing just waiting for the chorus to come so that they can get to choreo. Not to mention that awful shoulder movement at the end The song kinda lost it's sex appeal with these new dance moves. Anyway... It's just small shit that annoys me People are enjoying it and that's all that matters.
  6. Utopia


    The new choreography is beyond awful tbh. Gil stil struggles to make his choreo look and feel organic. He even managed to ruin his own ANDS choreography. Im loving the inclusion of new random tracks Hopefully she'll feel inspired enough to perform This Time somwhere .
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    How many shows is this leg gonna have?
  8. Utopia

    Obscure Janet songs....

    I LOVE this song so much
  9. Uneventful and uninspired tbh. Views was nothing to write home about and neither is this album. It kinda feels like he had to touch some topics not because he wanted but because Pusha came out swinging with The Story Of Adidon.
  10. No mam. Teyana's album is cute but nothing more than that. She just stays staning Janet HARD and Janet seems to like her so we about to see lots and lots of pictures of them. She's getting into friend status like Ciara Music wise, the only one who has touched the torch is Kelela with her Velvet Rope 2.0 AOTY .
  11. Utopia

    The Official #EssenceFest Thread

    AMAZING I LOOVE those two tracks but never thought that she'd ever sing them live again, specially not Skin Game.
  12. Utopia

    The Official #EssenceFest Thread

    OMG, not playing Runaway and Skin Game
  13. Would never guess it if he didn't spill it He makes good music but most of the time it's ruined by the tone of his voice. He should do more My My My and Bloom type of tracks. Good to see someone so young and from NZ stanning for Her.
  14. Utopia

    Any Tinashe Fans?

    oh wow oh wow ... Never thought she had this in her
  15. i was on mobile and imgur app is a pain in the ass
  16. Lets fucking GO https://i.imgur.com/fmdabZN.gifv[/img]
  17. Utopia

    Janet snaps on Twitter

    Watch people go after her for staying silent when that rape scandal About one of Wissam's employees happend . 🙄
  18. Utopia

    Janet post picture in the studio!

  19. Utopia

    Azealia Banks Pays Homage to Janet

    We been knew. The good sis spilled the tea after releasing the video
  20. Utopia

    Madonna is coming!

    Madoodoo done lost her mind. The fact that this is believable ...
  21. Utopia

    The Janet Jackson Praise Thread

    dont know if it was posted or not but
  22. Utopia

    Madonna is coming!

    I mean... it's so awful that it might actually be true