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  1. Fuck yes! and today it was announced actor Paul Dano will be the Riddler and what better casting that that!
  2. Yea it’s def a nosebleed section but I heard there aren’t really any bad seats at the brand new Chase Center in SF (where Janet will be the first woman to perform a concert in the new venue)... plus they’re still $100 tix each and now I don’t have to spend my own money.. PLUUUS maybe Joey will be giving out front row tix again and me and my daughter will get lucky for the 2nd time and score an upgrade 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. I saw this movie opening weekend and it was so boring for most of it.. maybe it’s bc I grew up watching the original 1994 animated version that I have it damn near memorized but it was literally a shot-by-shot remake with most of the same exact lines too! And since the animals were made to be so life-like they couldn’t emote or do any facial expressions that those animals can’t do in real life so it was very flat to me... i literally couldn’t wait for it to end—until Timon and Pumbaa came on screen finally then it got better... a lot of their jokes were different than the original and they added a shit ton of humor and life into the movie that was missing the entire first half.. my daughter loved it and I’m a Disney completist so I’ll still buy the 4K Blu-ray when it comes out but I won’t do it with much excitement
  4. Maybe janet will make a feature ...but prolly not
  5. I knew shed be sumn special when I saw her perform solo on some award show not too long ago and she came out and whipped her hair and did a spin and stopped on a dime with her face down ass up.... that shit made me keep my eye on her 👀
  6. We all friends here, correct? Ok... then I’ll begin: 😁 Weed (daily) 😑😌 Alcohol (often) 🤪🤪 Cocaine (occaisionally) 😆😎 Ecstasy (in my youth) 👁👁 Molly (special occasions) 🥳😜 Shrooms (twice a while back) 🍄😲
  7. I’m waiting to buy tix to the SF show until she does the 9/14 show near Minneapolis so I can get a clearer idea of what she’ll be performing.
  8. I would eat her ass for breakfast lunch AND dinner 🤪
  9. Then he was wrong too! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also—the Human Rights Foundation has issued an open letter to Janet Jackson calling on her to cancel her performance. It also clarified that yes indeed MBS (the crown prince) is the one financing this entire festival—the same guy who ordered the slaughter and dismemberment of a Washington Post journalist and then conspired with the Trump administration to cover it up. this is not a good look folks! https://hrf.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Letter-to-Janet-Jackson-from-HRF.pdf
  10. No joke.... 🚨 Chris Brown has just been added to the performer roster... throw this whole show away!
  11. She’s already being used, right off the private jet that was sent for her 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. It would be a different context, different story if she had previously gone to SA on a Humanitarian trip first to establish a sense of credibility to whatever “education” she would be able to provide to the people and leaders of a Human Rights violator country. But no, instead she last minute decides to take a check and a private luxury jet to go and entertain alongside 50 Cent and DJ Aiko and when MJ went to South Africa he met with Nelson Mandela first
  13. Holy damn Norman pickup on subtext my dude lol.. I’m actually agreeing with you.. obviously the SOTW intro montage had everything to do with Janet Jackson because of her history of philanthropy and humanitarianism, not to mention her RN1814 album and the themes she conveyed throughout that project....... which is why.... she shouldn’t be doing performances in Saudi Arabia! How don’t you understand that? When in reality I know that you DO understand that but you’ve already said why you’re ok with it—$$$. Sure, let fucking 50 Cent go and perform In Da Club and BTS can go and do whatever it is they do, but Janet “Rhythm Nation” Jackson?! That goes against her brand.....at BEST this is a stumble for her. It’s ok Norman to admit that. 🙄
  14. Was she murdered unlawfully by police? No so what did it have to do with janet Jackson 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Not to mention: guess where the 19 terrorists on September 11th came from.........? any guesses............. 👀
  16. By that logic then...wtf was her opening montage/statement for the SOTW all about since it had nothing to do with Janet Jackson..? stay woke or stay sleep... u decide
  17. Different country, different laws.. you never heard of North Korea?
  18. When did Dubai slaughter and dismember a US journalist solely because they didn’t want that journalist to continue to alarm the rest of the world about their Human Rights violations and proceed to conspire with the Trump administration to lie to the world about it...?
  19. I’m not above calling out those who display hypocritical behavior......you seem to be fine with it tho (shocker!)
  20. The trump administration would have to get involved and the only way they’d be let out is if they promised to give Trump a public-on-camera “thank you” this shit is weiiiird y’all cmon
  21. So since she was married to a wife abuser should she do a free show for prisoners convicted of spousal abuse? But I guess with the logic you’re using—if then check is big enough, fuck it! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  22. If she did that I don’t think her nor her crew would be let out of the country...there’d be repercussions
  23. Saudi Arabian leaders knew about and directed the slaughter and dismemberment of Washington Post reporter (and US resident) Jamal Khashoggi just within the last few months and Trump sided with SA so that their arms deal worth billion$ could continue to move forward... yet she displays images during her SOTW concerts that depict racial and social injustices.. I love janet but she absolutely deserves to get draaaaaaggggggggggged for this and I lowkey look forward to her statement on why she chose to accept their invitation and payment
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