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  1. Omg the “whataboutism” is STRONG with this one! You are a true trump supporter through and through and it’s shooooowing lol So petty you are.. talk shit about MJ cuz ur backed into a corner knowing damn well u don’t have a leg to stand on in this debate.. MJ went thru some shit in his life.. JT wasn’t abused physically and mentally as a young child thru adulthood.. JT didn’t have a skin disease at the peak of his global stardom.. JT has done interviews bragging about the drugs he’s taken (a la Rollingstone 2003).. but because he’s white he gets a pass from you and mainstream America.. you are a POS Norman and you know it.. you must be so bitter knowing you weren’t born a white woman 🙄 and you wanna talk shit about those other actors?? Be. My. Guest. But don’t use that as an excuse for your boy.. they can all be wrong simultaneously By this logic since Jt “didn’t know” there’d be this national social movement, then he should be given the all clear to be a hypocrite? Cuz I know for sure everybody, including JT, knew what kind of director they signed up to work for. This is far from the first time voices have been raised in protest of Allen and his work. Norman you would do anything to not make yourself look like the POS you truly are.. you’re an internet troll, a hypocrite by your own statements, you seemingly care very little about your own racial standing in this country yet pretend to be outraged by 45, you stan for two artists who could not be more different in their approach to social injustices....yet you don’t see the blatant idiocy in everything you’ve said in this thread... go get fucked off a cliff
  2. You moron it’s deeper than just his film career.. it goes to his character... he’s the textbook definition of an opportunist.. and he’s a blatant hypocrite.. and so are you.. don’t you ever talk shit about trump again..
  3. THIS SHIT IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY! repent now Norman.. you are on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY! You might as well have voted for 45 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. I can answer that one.... yes that’s true! last night st the golden globes he attended with his wife who was nominated and he wore the Time’s Up pin that was basically the slogan for the night... he’s being recognized as the hypocrite he TRULY is because of his work with Woody Allen on his latest film (recently release), in addition to his actions/statements following the Janet SB fiasco... Folks. Are. Woke. As. Fuck.
  5. Has there ever been any footage of the HBO AFY failed opening/intro where the huge white curtain got caught/stuck while it was being pulled up to reveal Janet high up on the platform? I was always under the impression that it happened live on HBO and that they had to restart the whole show on live TV, but I'm sensing that the concert was actually pre-recorded (unlike the HBO VR tour special)..
  6. Now see folks.. THIS is how u pay tribute to the past! (Not by doing all sorts of dance moves attributed to a single legendary artist and attempting to pass them off as your own *ahem* JT *cough*)... I love everything about this.... check it out!
  7. The same guy who made that “Janet, Jimmy & Terry” audio documentary is back with a new subject: Michael Jackson... enjoy!
  8. He also did some songs from Lemonade, Sand castles I know of for sure
  9. Wooooooooooooooooow 🤭 “...the song, which follows 2016’s narcotic No. 1 smash “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” is among the worst he’s ever released.” -Entertainment Weekly http://ew.com/music/2018/01/05/justin-timberlake-filthy-single-ew-review/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&xid=socialflow_facebook_entertainmentweekly
  10. It’s not a horrible concept but what he does with it is laughable... Mark Romanek directed this video (also directed Scream and GTIG) and I like a lot of the visuals, but the execution with the dancing machi—err, I mean robot, is flat on its nose a direct carbon copy of his main musical influence, MJ, which he despises to admit... he’s say anybody else (Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Queen, Elvis, so on and so on) but rarely throw MJ in there bcuz at the beginning of his solo career he hated being called out about being a newer, shittier MJ.. I mean, anybody remember that Like I Love You VMAs performance..? 😂
  11. And just like that, less than 12 hours after debuting, his new single Filthy isn’t even in the Top 20 US Twitter Trends anymore... People. Don’t. Like. It. Folks are waking up to the realization that JT is a culture vulture, has rarely contributed any type of significant ideas to the R&B/POP genre as a whole... ...and most importantly, people understand that when the NFL turned its back on the African-American community, and then the African-American community turned its back on the NFL (i.e. Jay-Z not wanting anything to do with the Halftime show, massive boycotts, etc), JT found another prime opportunity to interject himself into the social backlash and basically said to his country “yeah I’ll do it if they won’t”... and Boom now he’s doing the Super Bowl since the NFL couldn’t find anyone else willing to do it for them...once again standing on the backs of black Americans... You cant make this shit up, and Norm is over there ready and willing to try and have JTs man baby
  12. *accidental double post* but I’ll use this space to comment on the song itself...... its not very good..... a lot of people don’t like it.. just ask Twitter
  13. I love how you can’t address a single thing that I commented on either....you just turn to “oh you’re bitter and you don’t like it”... but Normandy.... PLEASE ADDRESS WHY he bit off Michael fkn Jackson soooooo hard in this new video! why is he doing the circle glide that MJ made famous? why is he grabbing his crotch like MJ? why is he doing the forward scoot like MJ? why is it all focused on a dancing robot (machine) like MJ? why is the guy fkn MOONWALKING in his own video?! you cannot answer these questions and I suspect even you YOURSELF was lowkey taken aback in first viewing of this video and you had to have uttered to yourself under your breath “my god he’s copying Janet’s brother more than ever”.. 👀 I absolutely don’t HATE jt, he’s rather talented and he has made some stand out songs (Blue Ocean Floor is a gem), but I do HATE what he does and doesn’t do by rarely acknowledging his practice of taking from one community and passing it off and selling it to the masses as something he created and perfected... oh don’t get it twisted Norma, I get it.... its YOU who doesn’t.. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. That new video is seriously such a ripoff of MJ, probably the most he’s ever straight up copied him since his first album. I mean the guy legit fkn moonwalks in the video....MOONWALKS! 🤦🏻‍♂️ ALL that poppin-n-lockin-n-dancing-machining it up is another example of stealing from the black man and use it as his own.. its more obvious in that one video alone than I could’ve imagined it being lol
  15. Justin Timberlake Basically Told Me All Lives Matter Last Night https://www.google.com/amp/www.phillymag.com/news/2016/06/27/justin-timberlake-bet-awards-tweet/%3famp=1
  16. He has turned his back on people time and time again to only holster himself up on an even higher pedestal than he’s already been handed.. -he did members of Nsync wrong back in the day -he cried to his mommy on punk’d -he never told Britney he was going to have a dead-on-look-alike in his video -we already know the backstabbingness he provided to janet -he basically used the phrase “All Lives Matter” when confronted by a black twitter user asking him to stop appropriating black culture the guy has showed his true character time and time again and because of his white privilege he’s given the pass time and time again.. idk how anyone, let alone a black person, can seriously look at themselves in the mirror and profess their fandom for someone like him.
  17. Bro u Stan for JT so tough it’s almost comical.. you’re pretending as if he’s some musical messiah who’s specifically come to shove his dick down ur throat.. like ur def allowed to have ur own opinions about him but the tone of your statements so far is just really weird and off-putting.. the guy is mediocre at best and wouldn’t be anywhere near his level of celebrity had it not been for a large handful of black people hoisting him up for him to stand on their shoulders.
  18. I’d argue that would actually be Bruno Mars 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. I still have yet to watch Bright but I’ve heard all kinds of mixed reactions but I’m still interested in watching it because I def like Will Smith and I do enjoy the director, David Ayers... I loved End of Watch and Training Day and I was one of those that actually enjoyed Suicide Squad haha
  20. I heard she hasn’t spoken to Mike in like over 8yrs 🤷🏻‍♂️
  21. "JUSTICE LEAGUE" trailer.... woooow!!

    If you saw BvS then you’d remember that Robin was killed by the joker, so he’s not around to help.. we don’t know if it was the Dick greyson robin or Tim Drake or Jason Todd or Damien but Robin is out of the picture according to BvS canon.. and yea I enjoyed JL quite a bit, but there are too many noticeable flaws that should’ve been buttoned up better by WB.. but WB seems hell bent on stepping on their director’s toes.. they reshot half the movie and took a ton of footage out completely that it’s no longer the same film that Zack Snyder was trying to make it be.. I’m looking forward to an extended version once it’s released on Blu-ray, because the director’s cut of BvS made it a waaay better/more watchable movie compared to the theatrical version
  22. Christmas Movies!!!

    My daughter and I just watched A Christmas Story a few nights ago.. we both have never seen it.. and I think I probably would’ve liked it more if I was watching it as a kid, my 9yo daughter said “it was fine” when it ended.. but I did not like it much at all.. it was pretty boring and lame and the only part that really held my attention was when the kid got his tongue froze to the pole. I just don’t understand why it’s such a holiday classic cuz it really really was not good imo..
  23. I was also front row at the SF Unbreakable show.. the one on the 13th.. wbu