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  1. The Choice Is Yours! the Matrix Resurrections…..
  2. Aaliyah’s streaming rollout begins!!! Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music
  3. Not getting excited! It’s been a hard and brutal wait since BD had to be postponed because of COVID. But it’s nice to hear.
  4. Agreed! The heavy Aaliyah sample carries the song too much to the point I just want to listen to the original. But the visuals n choreo for the video are NEXT level for Normani. But idk if she’ll really breakout into a big star even if her talent is clearly there.
  5. I stopped at “Control” being # 7!!!! “Damita No” over that landmark classic album?!? Please KEEP IT!!! 🖐
  6. I don’t see it as victimizing when women get victimized in the music industry by how unfairly they are treated compared to men. Powerful women are ALWAYS seen as a threat hence why Britney was so harsh criticized, controlled n manipulated! I’m sorry, Janet is a powerful woman who NEVER deserved her legacy damn near tarnished and incredible place hold in the industry stripped away so publicly. It’s about reclaiming their humanity in the public eye by showing we need to stop treating women like this when we don’t know the whole story.
  7. Honestly, in my opinion, I don’t know if Janet will say yes to this or not. Knowing her, she’d want complete control on how her story after the Super Bowl incident happened and how she truly did not deserve that abrupt career decline in terms of success. The thing is, Gen Z LOVES Janet and have been getting famaliar with her work just recently since Unbreakable since from ‘04-‘08 none of her songs were played on the radio, being banned from multiple events and having her career tarnished for something that was NOT her fault. Even if so, it wasn’t ONLY her fault! There was numerous crew and production teams involved yet this was all her doing! I think it’s time Janet got an eventful public resurgence as it will not only be great for her to finally acknowledge the past by creating a better future for her and females artists to come. She DESERVES one more huge era! She DESERVES he own halftime show! She DESERVES a massive redemption success and popularity for something that was created to ruin her. Calm back ur fame Ms. Jackson! We need the world to remember how influential and powerful she was and STILL should be.
  8. I can see it doing well enough digitally to resuscitate more old tours being remastered and shown to this generation.
  9. I was just thinking about Rhythm Nation album being inducted into the National Recording Registry and it had me thinking, could Janet’s discography be the most influential, iconic, celebrated and consistent discography by ANY female artist??? The BIG FOUR alone have been regarded as the best run of classic albums EVER. “Control”-“The Velvet Rope” are constantly brought up in greatest albums of all time lists, talked about their innovative reinvention, creating a new music genre, a timeless look into social issues plaguing our country and sexual liberation that inspired future female pop stars like Gaga and Rihanna. I honestly can’t think of any other female artist who’s multiple bodies of work are so revered! Madonna is the only one I can think of. “Unbreakable” is already a classic album that made numerous best of lists in 2015 and will stand the test of time as one of the best albums from the 2010s or any previous decade! “Damita Jo”, despite my reservations of it, has been looked at again in recent years and said to be her most underrated album that still feels striking and innovative for its time despite the rehashing of extremely sexual themes. What do you think???
  10. Are they already teasing new dates next year when we don’t even know things will be back to normal???
  11. Oooo that I Get Lonely performance from Meta!!!! Child, she couldn’t wait to hump that floor!!! Strawberry was tamed by Wissam for too long!!!
  12. Janet’s choreography is iconic as hell!!! What? Next thing you’ll be saying “take the If breakdown out n come up with something more modern!!!” The thing is Janet is always bringing in fresh choreography for songs where the choreography wasn’t too memorable or as perfected as her classic dance pieces. All Nite, Feedback, Alright, Nasty, Control, Miss You Much, Pleasure Principle, etc. were all revamped the past 2 tours and residency with fresh move!!! With only small moments of signature moves from the original routine. She even changed the choreography for Feedback within a year of SOTW 2 and Metamorphosis. Hell, she completely revamped the choreography for All For You during the Damita Jo era (which was worse in my opinion). I’m sorry but certain moves need to remain untouched. If it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it. If, RN, Doesn’t Really Matter, Janet kills it those dance breaks and are cemented in pop history. Those moves made her a legend and what people want to see just as much as new moves. I mean there’s a reason why when people pay tribute to her, the classic choreography is front and center! China Love and The Knowledge choreography during her residency?!?
  13. Omg yes, I agree!!! That outfit alone made the dance break....the entire choreography lose its genuine sexual energy and iconic-ness!!! Damn Wissam!!! Lol
  14. That 1993 VMAs performance tho!!!! But as for weakest??? Ummmm 2009 AMAs I guess!
  15. Finally some exciting Janet news again n something to look forward too a year from now!!!!
  16. FINALLY!!! That rumored Netflix documentary coming into fruition!!!! Can’t wait!!!
  17. A shame really. Janet’s overall album sales in US should be well over 50 million by since they were last certified at 25 million or so. Over 150 million easily by now!!! Sigh.
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