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  1. Being that this is the 1990 Billboard Awards and I'm Janet, the awards should be convenient for me. So I'll let you all know when I'm free.
  2. Eww no. Use this one:
  3. Fake account #1 has arrived.
  4. I see computers aren't your strong point.
  5. Thursday at midnight. I have to work Friday and Saturday.
  6. Upload it with Imageshack or Tinypic, and then copy and paste the link that reads "forums & message boards" on here.
  7. Are you trying to post it on the board or in your avatar???
  8. I'm assuming these are radio/newspaper interviews???
  9. Mr. Wonder


    Thank you for the board Angie.
  10. The Janet Jackson Charts Thread Hot 100: Top 100 Artists1THE BEATLES2MADONNA3ELTON JOHN4ELVIS PRESLEY5MARIAH CAREY6STEVIE WONDER7JANET JACKSON8MICHAEL JACKSON9WHITNEY HOUSTON10THE ROLLING STONES http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/5557800/hot-100-55th-anniversary-by-the-numbers-top-100-artists-most-no Another installment in the series of blessings Janet has bestowed upon her sheep. This thread is dedicated to all of Janet's past and present Billboard chart activity, records, chart mentions, etc.
  11. In complete darkness we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us. In a world of non-believers and anti-Janet fans, Witnesses were placed on this Earth by our creator to spread the gospel of Janet and rejoice in her many blessings. MTV JDJ Entertainment taps into the lives of Janet's disciples and explores the everyday life of what it's like to be a Janet Jackson fan/stan. In this episode of True Life, Janhova's Witnesses will share their everyday Janet related events, conversations, sightings, and stan moments in this installment of True Life: I'm A Janet
  12. Accomplishments For the 38 years, Janet has been added credentials under her belt along with calories and cholesterol. Place everything associated with the credentials in this thread. Please exercise good judgment on what would belong in this thread.
  13. The Holy Book of The Goddess consists of 11 chapters, 2 epilogues, and 2 glossaries. Collectively, Janet has sold upwards of 160 million records. Receipt Albums Soundscan - 61,815 Sony BMG - 82,000 = 143,815 Worldwide = ~700,000 Soundscan - 21,320 Sony BMG -44,000 = 65,320 Worldwide = ~400,000 Certification - 5x platinum Soundscan - 505,018 BMG Club House - 883,000 = 6,388,018 Canada - 100,000 UK - 300,000 Worldwide = 14 mi
  14. The Janet Jackson Praise Thread With a career spanning nearly 4 decades, Janet has released groundbreaking songs, albums, and videos. As she watered her spiritual garden, she has been celebrated for her contributions to the world during her journey. Here, we congregate in the Kingdom Hall of Janhova's Witnesses to bring the testimonies of her children as they pay their respects to the goddess.
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