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  1. LOL oh ok I do like strong men I have been fortunate enough to date and be with some... currently with one now I just thought the guy was cute I mean he could be my bottom I just wouldn't expect for him to be able to help me in a fight lol see I try to be nice and u pull me right back in lol...
  2. Nothing its not cool to have all this MJ shit on the board when he has his official thread.
  3. This should be in the official MJ thread u keep spamming the forum with his shit.
  4. This should be in the official MJ thread u keep spamming the forum with his shit.
  5. You cant compare them honestly I'm tired of people pitting strong black men up against each other its room for everyone. Both are pioneers these two men have nothing to be ashamed of lets just call it a draw.
  6. But false advertisement could ruin the janet brand... we cant have a parade of bland bitches claiming to look like janet I mean really
  7. I dont have time to be a fake fuck. I didn't like her anyway so if I made her uncomfortable it was an added bonus She turned me off with her snobbish attitude anyway once she said the janet thing I was done
  8. He spent the night we fucked and got back together. In his eyes we weren't broken up he figured I was just talking shit and needed time to cool off.
  9. I don't mean to laugh so hard sometimes... She was devastated... she even has a picture of janet in her pic gallery on facebook :lmao:
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